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    @Sakodak:- As stated in the post,Winners will be declared on Wednesday and the Winners will be chosen Randomly.If you are lucky, you will win! :)

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    i’m a student, doing MBA from bangalore.

    I love dropbox, and use it to backup my notes and other study related files. 50 gb will give me even more freedom to store.

    twitter username:


  3. Allan says

    Great idea for a competition. I recently started using Dropbox and rave about it to colleagues and on Twitter to anyone who’ll listen. Happy to support it here!

    Keep up the good work folks!



    P.S. Enjoying the blog too!

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      @Allan Thanks, glad you liked TechSplurge. Would love to hear from you in the future too

      @Michael Haha, best of luck to Michael, Hope he wins this contest :)

      @LaserWraith Thanks, appreciate your effort

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      Sorry Tom but the you’re late. The contest has already ended. Stay tuned with us, we’ll be coming up with bigger giveaways in the future :)