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iMacs Set to Receive a Spec Bump Next Week?

June 13th, 2014 by

Apple’s range of all in one desktop computers, also known as iMacs were last upgraded in October 2012. Given the exponential rate at which technology has grown, it is not wrong to expect that Apple would soon be upgrading the iMacs with new Haswell processors if nothing else. There were a few reports pre WWDC that claimed that Apple could actually announce new iMacs at the event itself, but that surely did not happen. Interestingly, iMacs alongside the Macbook Air range of notebooks are the only current Apple offerings that do not have a retina screen.


However, according to a report in MacG, Apple will take some more time before it brings Retina iMacs, though a small upgrade to the current lineup is set to come next week itself. The report claims that the new iMacs will include a new Thunderbolt 2 connection for faster data transmission in the iMacs and also bump the specs a notch. A similar upgrade hit the Macbook Air models too recently where the processor speed was bumped and prices of the base models lowered. Maybe, the iMacs will be given a similar treatment. Mac G have also published a chart of the supposed updated specs of the new iMacs as shown below:

New iMacs

MacG got the story of Macbook Air refresh right last month, so it is a good possibility that there is some activity happening behind the scenes. It is tough to comment on how this sort of incremental update will go down with the users given, it is a common knowledge that Apple is working towards the Retina iMacs. However, with no time span confirmed of their release and perhaps a lowered pricing on the iMacs will proper the users to pick up the desktop.

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