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[How to] Flash MIUI ROM on Gionee Elife E6

October 14th, 2014 by

After almost a complete year since its launch, Gionee Elife E6 is still a beautiful device. Not to forget that it was the flagship smartphone of the year 2013, and has one of the gorgeous display seen on a smartphone.


The Gionee Elife E6 runs on a custom fork of Android called as Amigo which is developed by in-house engineers at Gionee itself. This handset came with an kind of beta variant which was actually Amigo 1.0. It got updated with two software updates improving gradually with each OTA but never crossed Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. After experiencing the Amigo 2.0 on Gionee Elife E7 which is an iteration to this, we actually got to know what all is missing on E6 but unfortunately there is nothing coming for E6 as we can see. Gionee right now is struggling to get an update for E7 and expecting them to get it on E6 that too with Amigo, we have already lost hope.

On the other hand, after MediaTek released chipset drivers for the developers to get their hands-on we had this slight expectation that someone might do release a ROM for the interested consumers and this could bring back this handset alive and this did happen. MIUI one of the best forks of Android got ported to this handset by a recognized MIUI porting dev @helloansuman. We got to know about this port, one fine day wandering at the XDA forums and it was soon listed on the MIUI India | Official Fan Site of under the Downloads section. Great thanks to the community for building this ROM for such a left-out smartphone with great hardware. We have successfully installed this MIUI ROM on our Gionee Elife E6 unit which we have and it is running perfectly fine. Even though it is still on Android 4.2.1 but to be honest we found it to be much better than the early variant of Amigo that was actually running on the device. There is one bug on the call screen which clutters the answering animation but it do connects to the call. Nothing more significant feature to be found broken. We have a step by step guide below for the interested users to experience MIUI and refresh the experience on your year old device.


We already have a detailed rooting guide for Gionee Elife E6 available at this link which you need to follow before proceeding to flash this ROM. This ROM requires flashing a custom recovery which will eventually flash the installable zip file of the MIUI ROM. The official forum link for the ROM is available at this link.

We would like to state this disclaimer that Techsplurge is not responsible for any damage that happens to your device while rooting or flashing the MIUI ROM. Flash at your own risk.

After you have rooted and flashed the ClockworkMod custom recovery on your E6 as mentioned at this link, you are ready to proceed with the steps below.


  1. First things first, backup all your data. We don’t think we even need to explain you why.
  2. Now download the zip file from this link. Put the zip under /sdcard directory on the handset.
  3. Boot to CWM recovery. In case you don’t know how, use the MobileUncle tools and choose boot into recovery option.
  4. Now wipe cache, data, dalvik cache and system. Note: when selecting Wipe system it will delete all your user data.
  5. Now Select zip from sdcard.
  6. Next, Disable Toggle Signature Verification and Toggle Script Asserts and select Reboot Recovery.
  7. Now Select Zip from SDcard again and choose the installable zip from the location.
  8. Wait till the process is completed and when its done, select reboot system.
  9. Your phone is ready. Enjoy a completely new MIUI experience on your Gionee Elife E6.


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