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Look-Up for iPhone brings Classic Alien Invasion Game with Augmented Reality Fun

December 7th, 2010 by

Look-Up Game for iPhone Look-Up Game for iPhone

Remember the days when Alien Invasion games used to be everybody’s favorite game? Now, although time has changed and people don’t like it anymore, Look-Up game for iPhone tries to bring back the classic fun with an Augmented Reality Twist.

In the game, you play as a member of the Earth’s Resistance Forces to hold back the aliens ships that are attacking our cities, forests, beaches and deserts – wherever you are, they are coming. You have to stand up and fight in 360 mode, or sit down for 180 mode with lots of weapons such as G-bomb(gravity Bomb) with increasing level difficulties. A multiplayer mode is also included if you wish to fight the aliens with your friends.

Oh yeah, the included screenshots aren’t mine, I don’t live in NY. I played this game in a small garden for about an hour with my elder brother and really enjoyed it. So, if you can spend 2 bucks from your pocket, do buy this game from the app store.

Get this game at the iTunes store for $1.99

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