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Memolane: Millions of your Web Memories in one Timeline [Invites Available]

December 11th, 2010 by


Do you remember the day when you connected yourself to the online world? Or the day when you had a bash with your close friends or your first date with your love?

Memolane, a startup founded in Spring ‘10, is nice web app that captures your thousands of memories in tweets, facebook posts, photos, checkins, music etc and helps you re-discover them by creating a timeline for you where you can travel back in time and cherish your old times.

Whether you’d like to re-discover your holiday of a lifetime, re-live that great party last week or get all nostalgic about when the kids were little, now with Memolane it’s easy to keep the memories alive.

Before starting, have a look on this timeline of Scobleizer or this video made by the team so that you get an idea how awesome is it:

Memolane – Your time machine for the web from Memolane on Vimeo.

To get you started, we have 500 Invites to giveaway to help you try out memolane before anyone else does. Just use our code while signing-up: techsplurge


Signing up is very easy. Open and click on “Have an Invite”. Now fill up the details and put our invite code in the last field. Hit Signup!

In the next page you will be prompted to add your accounts on various social networks. When you’re done adding and click “Next”, it will automatically create a timeline for you.



The interface is really slick. All the options you need are available at the top. You can create stories, change your social networks or add more, privacy and everything else related to account management.



Timeline of Scobleizer, I dont have a clean timeline like him

Its timeline feature is very very neat. It embeds a small photo gallery if you’ve uploaded several photos in facebook, flickr etc on someday. You only need to hover your mouse to navigate through the thumbnails.

Surfing through your timeline is also fun, you hover your mouse on it and choose the day which you wish to see.

memolane timeline

Telling Stores

This is my favorite stuff in memolane . A story Is a new timeline where you can combine your favorite memories from your and your friends’ timeline.  You can create stories of any special moment of your life such as a holiday of your lifetime or your wedding by adding Photos, Music, Tweets related to that memory and then memos

For an example, you can see these stories:

Last Words

While Memolane is a very unique startup, the real problem that comes is how will it grow? Several startups come and go, some jump into the dead-pool while others find a way to keep pulling in people. So Memolane must come out with a way to pull more pair of eyes.

It might look little similar to Dipity and Allofme but it gives you a completely different experience. If things go in the right direction, Memolane can become a permanent part of our life in the future where we will be 24×7 connected.

Try it out yourself : Memolane

[Thanks to @Scobleizer, it was his tweet that I came to know about this wonderful startup]

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