6 Top Applications for Android to Stream Music and Videos from PC

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android streaming music

While most of the Android Phones have an internal memory of 8GB (or more), it is not always possible to carry all your favorite music files and videos.

The best option? Get a cloud storage based app which streams the media files directly from your Computer to your phone on a network. Here are 6 best Applications for this job.

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1. Subsonic

Subsonic  subsonic (2)

Subsonic is one of the oldest and best app for streaming music, it supports streaming, downloading, playlists, album art and searching. Moreover, the music that you’ve listened also gets cached on the phone so that you can listen to them even when you are not online.

The best part about Subsonic is that, unlike other apps in which you need to know your IP address at home and then connect to it, Subsonic also provides you a server name (such as saket.subsonic.org) for easy connection. Though this feature is not free and you need to pay for it after some couple of hours of trial period.

Download:  Subsonic App | Desktop App 



Watch videos live from your PC/Mac/Linux on android. Download music from iTunes.
Emit allows you to stream videos from PC/Mac/Linux directly to an android device from your local WiFi, 3G or external WiFi. Features:

  • Live encoding and streaming directly to your device.
  • HTTP Live streaming for 2.3+ devices
  • .srt and .mkv subtitles are supported
  • Videos can be download to the device for offline viewing.

There are two versions of Emit: free and the paid version. The free version is ad supported and you need ‘credits’ for viewing videos. Each click on an ad will give you a credit.

Download: Emit: Free (ad supported) | Paid ($3.5)

3. Audiogalaxy


Audiogalaxy lets you stream your music from your home computer to your phone from anywhere using 3G, EDGE, or WiFi without having to copy the media files to your phone.
Like other apps, you need to signup at AudioGalaxy’s site and install its app both on your PC/Mac that has your music and then on your Phone.

Download: AudioGalaxy

4. SugarSync


One of the best cloud based app available around, SugarSync provides an easy way to access files from all your computer. Apart from just syncing files. you can also easily stream music/videos with it.

The SugarSync team has posted a nice step-by-step tutorial for streaming media files. You can read it here.

For other Cloud Storage options, also read: Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Options

Download: SugarSync

5. Tonido

tonido-(1)  tonido-(2)

While I’ve already listed the most useful apps for streaming music in this list, Tonido cannot be missed out.

It is a very simple app and you can do more than just stream music, like browse files, documents (Word, Excel, PDF etc.) and view it in your phone and its free too.

Download: Tonido  

6. DoubeTwist AirSync (~$11)

airsync-(1)  airsync-(2)

DoubleTwist AirSync wirelessly syncs your iTunes music, photos and videos with your Mac or PC over your home WiFi network. It has to be used in conjunction with the DoubleTwist desktop app to automatically import your iTunes music playlists, iTunes ratings & play-counts from your Mac or PC.

  • Automatically import MP3 purchases & downloads from your phone back to your Mac or PC.
  • Stream photos, videos and music from your phone to your XBox or PlayStation 3 with AirTwist™
  • Stream videos, photos and music to your Apple TV (black model) with Twist To™ (AirPort Express is not yet supported)

Download:  DoubleTwist AirSync 


I haven’t used (or I don’t know about) any other app than these. I’d love to hear your comment on this list – If you think I missed any app or you liked it or had any problem with anything :)

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  1. Peter says


    To share music from my desktop PC to an Android device, I installed Firefly on the PC and DAAP MediaPlayer on the Android device. Works perfectly to stream music for PC to Android.

  2. n0s says

    Tried a few of these, NONE of them would do what I wanted them to do, watch movies in bed on my phone without having to go down 2 floors to queue up files. And without having to wait for hours for for example a BD-rip to convert to mobile format. Or without having to copy files to some dodgy web-service.

    AndroStream will let you stream multimedia directly from your own LAN shares via wifi, with no website registering, no “syncing”, no converting, no bullshit. It works just like browsing a network and opening/streaming files in Windows. You have to install a small agent on the serving windows machine, but this is tiny, dead simple and spyware/virus free.

    Free version is limited to 2 minutes, but pro version does not have any limitations.

  3. Allen says

    All of these are either shutdown or require a monthly subscription I just want a program that streams my music over the air to my phone for free

  4. Robert says

    Tinyshark is a great app that uses the servers from Grooveshark. It allows for playlists, has a huge selection of songs, and can sync to your Grooveshark account

  5. Shashank says

    Is there any way to stream music from my laptop to my phone without using any external network i.e. no wifi, no cloud… nothing… just wireless streaming between laptop and phone…

    • Jay says

      You could set up an ad-hoc wifi network between your laptop and your phone which would require no external network or wifi router and then stream from a Subsonic server running on the laptop. Subsonic doesn’t require the use of an intermediary server owned by someone else over the Internet like some of the above apps require.

      Set up the ad-hoc wifi connection (google if you’re unsure about this)

      Goto a command prompt (or terminal if you’re running Linux) and type:

      ipconfig (ifconfig if running Linux) and write down your computer’s IP address.

      Then goto the subsonic app on your phone and set up the connection with the information you got from there plus the info you configured on the server.

      server: http://(your.ip.address.here):4040 <– without the ()
      user: what ever you set up when you configured Subsonic
      pass: same as above

      There ya go. Enjoy.

    • Janfokko says

      I have a stereo carplayer w/ bluetooth and A2DP support. Basically I can use my iTunes player on the iPhone to stream and control the music played on the carplayer.
      So you need software which supports A2DP on your laptop.

  6. says

    Hey subsonic keeps talking about a trial periods , does this apply to the streaming over wifi too ? or just the web domain thing it creates for you ?
    Is it totally free for life ?
    PS. i am using arch linux (or ubuntu at times) and have an android with 2.3.4

  7. Otto says

    I would just say: VLC.
    DL the VLC Mediaplayer, + get VLC Direct from android market (and watch setup video, really simple as you can autoconfig VLC Direct.
    Once VLC installed on pc start it and choose ‘Show’, ‘Add Interface’>’Webinterface’.
    Start VLC Direct, go setting>autoconfigure.
    Plays both ways (control/play media on pc from android, watch movies/music from pc(-usb) on android)

  8. Your Name says

    i have an old computer that has tons of music on it, its not hooked up to the internet and i dont wanna dl any software to get it onto my galaxy s phone. how can i make this happen?

    • Saket says

      There is no way to stream music if you don’t want to download any app on your phone. You can try one thing: AllShare. It comes pre-loaded with Galaxy S and can stream music from a PC using DLNA. Ping me if you need a tutorial, I’ll come up with a detailed one.

  9. Ilias says

    Here’s how I solved streaming audio / video from a NAS-disk to my phone.

    1. Install a NAS-disk somewhere on your home network.
    2. Connect that disk to your Wifi-router.
    3. Install ES File Explorer (free) on your Android-device.
    4. Install a video player (Rock Player free or MX Media player) on your Android-device.
    5. Launch ES File Explorer. On the top left corner, click on the icon and select LAN.
    6. Menu -> New -> Scan. Locate the IP of your NAS-disc.
    7. Tap on that IP, brows trough your NAS and chose the file you’d like to watch.
    8. Enjoy.

  10. Clems says

    Vodobox Android Server is another Windows software ready to stream live TV source like DVB-T and Dreambox receiver toward Android smartphone and tablet. Also, its compliant with avi, mkv, mp4 and m2ts video file. Webcams are supported to. And you can use your smartphone as a remote controle to send fullhd video streams on any AirPlay devices. Computer sources streams are available throught WiFi and 3G/4G networks.


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