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Nocs: Sync Text Files To Google Docs

January 6th, 2011 by

There is no denying the fact that Notes are an important part of our life. We haven’t see many changes in the Windows Notepad,have we? While it does a pretty good job for people who save notes occasionally and aren’t that depended on notes, the major downside is we can’t access them on the go.

While we could manually upload the notes to the cloud or use an app like Evernote, but both are too cumbersome for quick notes. One would argue that we could use cloud storage like Dropbox for this; but the major downside with Dropbox is it doesn’t allow for quick editing of files unless we are on a computer that has Dropbox installed. The quest to find a solution for this, lead me to Nocs.

Nocs looks very much like Windows’ Notepad app (you could call it a “clone”), but the additional feature that sets it apart is it has the option to save the text files to Google Docs directly.


You need to input your Google credentials initially. After having created a note,you will have the option either to save the document locally or to your Google Docs account. When you save to your Google Account, you can designate a folder into which you can place your document.

Whenever you want to load your document, you have to choose the “Browse Google Docs” option in the File menu. From there, you’re presented with a list of your Google Docs folders on the left of the popup screen, and the documents within each folder on the right.


Its pretty fast and has an option to autosave in the background (select that feature in the preferences). It also supports multiple tabs.

How much for this very useful app? Well its FREE!

As of now its windows only.

Download: Nocs

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