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Beware of Fake Cerberus, Avast, and Prey Apps on the App Store

January 4th, 2017 by

If you’re using Android, chances are you’ve heard of Cerberus. It’s the best anti-theft software available for any Android device. Sure, it’s not as popular as some other apps like Seekout and Prey, but it’s still the best – functionality wise. We even recommended it a while ago. Go on, read it to find out why we love it.

Fake Cerberus

But beware, though.

There’s a new scam app in town that’s masquerading as the real Cerberus. It’s available on the App Store. It may look convincing, with great screenshots and multiple exclamation points, but be careful. It’s not real.

Warning about Fake Cerberus.

The original Cerberus team has alerted its users through Twitter about this fake app. They have also contacted Apple to get the fake app removed. So far, Apple hasn’t removed the app, but we’re hoping it goes soon enough.

There’s more.

Looks like there are more fake apps on the App Store. The Cerberus team is working hard to bring attention to these fake apps. There are fake apps each for Prey anti-theft and Avast anti-theft apps.

Until then,

Watch out. Tell your friends about these fake apps and support the original Cerberus.

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