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Five Helpful Google Features That Will Change the Way You Google

January 4th, 2017 by

We all use Google countless times a day. Whether it’s something as simple as 4+7 or something more complex like the P versus NP problem, our first resource is Google. However, Google has more capabilities than what meets the eye. Here are five cool Google features that will amaze you. Check them out.


Well, Google had timer way iPhones became household devices. Just type in “Timer: 2 hours” and Google will automatically begin a timer for 2 hours. Go on, try it. We’ll wait for you.

Google features - timer

Build with Chrome

Good news for Lego lovers. And, honestly, who doesn’t love Legos, huh? From a collaboration between Google Chrome and Legos, comes Build with Chrome. It’s where you can build your own Lego houses. It’s not restricted to houses, though. You can even build churches, schools, and anything else you fancy. As long as you don’t start a religion on your own, you can build as you please.
Google features - build with chrome

Number Speaker

How many times have you seen a number and struggled to read it out? Imagine you see a number like 346,875,976,256. That’s a random number, and that’s going to take a while to decode so we can say it out loud. Well, Google has a solution. Type in the number followed by an equals sign and the word “English.” Google will automatically tell you how to say the number.
Google features - number speaker

Google Sky

Go take a look at space and put your heads in the clouds with Google Sky. If you’re a budding astronomer, this is where you should be right now. If you just like looking at the stars, this is your go-to place for stargazing. Google outlines the entire outer space, complete with constellations and other galaxies. You can also find earth- and sky-related podcasts and information on the site.
Google features - sky


If you’ve ever loved a font you saw on a random website and would like to reuse it, you should check out Google Fonts. This is the entire database of all the fonts used on the web. Whether you’re looking for a specific font or a collection of similar fonts, you’ll find everything here. What’s more, the database also gives you the codes so you can add any font to your website. You get the fonts in different styles like bold, italic, and dark, and you also get details of the loading times for each font. You can preview and pick any font you like.
Google features - fonts
Go ahead, and dazzle your friends with these Google hacks.


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