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Google Now Lets You View High-Quality Images While Saving You Data

January 13th, 2017 by

You no longer have to worry about viewing low-quality images on your corner of the web. Google has just released a new image compressing technology that will not only save you data but also renders you high-quality photos. The technology, called Rapid and Accurate Super Image Resolution (RAISR) is meant to give you the best experience for less.
Google's high-quality image compressor - RAISR

Uses less bandwidth.

The company claims that RAISR uses up to 75% less bandwidth compared to current standards. The technology will analyze high- and low-quality versions of the same image, understand the qualities of the superior-quality image and tries to replicate them in the lower quality version. In sum, the technology uses machine learning to filter your photos to make them look like they’re of a higher quality, saving you your precious data at the same time.

Exclusive to Google.

Currently available only for Google+, the technology will soon arrive for other apps. So even if you don’t use Google+, you’ll be covered if you use Google Photos.


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