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Storage Sense: Here’s How You Can Free up Space in Windows 10

January 25th, 2017 by

If you’re an average computer user, chances are you’ve never had issues with a lack of storage space. You’re probably storing all your movies and television series on your hard disks, pen drives, or CDs. So most of your system space is taken up only by your folders, documents, and apps. Nevertheless, you may often notice that your computer has far less space than it should. This will sometimes even slow down your computer’s speed. With movies out of the picture, what else is holding you back? Junk files. It doesn’t happen in a day or two, but junk files accumulate over time and take up so much of your computer’s storage space. Fortunately, with the latest Creators Update, Windows 10 is bringing a new feature to help clean up junk files: Storage Sense. The feature is currently live for users in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15014. Others will have to wait for the Creators Update.

Storage Sense.

It does what the name suggests. Storage Sense is a built-in feature that automatically deletes temporary files that your apps save in your system. In addition, the feature also clears up the Recycle Bin by deleting all files and folders that have been sitting in there for over 30 days.How it works.

How it works.

Storage Sense in Windows 10 - screen 1

Though the feature is available on your computer, you’ll have to manually enable it.

  1. Go to Settings -> System.
  2. Select Storage, and under Local Storage, turn on the Storage Sense switch.

“Change how we free up space.”

Storage Sense in Windows 10 - screen 2

If you click on this option, you’ll be able to restrict the activities of the feature.

  • You can enable/disable the deletion temporary files and/or files in the Recycle Bin.
  • There’s also a “Clean now” button if you want to run the feature immediately. When you choose this option, Windows 10 will scan your computer deleting all temporary files and emptying your Recycle Bin. (You should’ve enabled both options for this to work.)

It’s mighty handy.

The feature is a great addition to Windows 10. You have the complete freedom to choose what you want to delete and when you want to delete it. And the best thing is that Windows 10 doesn’t force you to turn on the Storage Sense feature. However, the feature may do better with a few tweaks here and there. For instance, it’d be great if you could choose to delete junk files only from certain apps while retaining important ones like your browser files. Let’s wait and see. Perhaps Windows 10 will bring more customization in future.


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