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Spendwallet Is One Device That Replaces All Your Credit Cards, and Won’t Hold You up at the Grocery Store

April 9th, 2017 by

Remember Coin, the sleek invention that let you pay digitally without having to carry pockets full of actual change? Well, the Coin never caught on because of various trust issues, but there’s a new gadget that does almost the same. Spendwallet lets you pay from any of all your credit cards, replacing all those bulky cards. It looks more promising, too and it works in anyplace that accepts credit card payments.

spendwallet 1

How it works

You sync all your credit cards onto the device and when you’re ready to pay, say in a grocery store, just tap the card on a card reader, and since the device generates a magnetic field, the reader will respond in the same way as it does when you swipe a card.

Sync cards to Spendwallet

You can connect or sync as many credit cards as you want to the Spendwallet. To sync your cards, you’ll have to connect a the card reader that comes with Spendwallet with your phone’s headphone socket. Of course, this rules out iPhone 7—unless you’re using a fancy attachable headphone jack. Once you’ve connected your cards, you can sync them to your Spendwallet.

spendwallet 2

How it looks

So much like a smaller smartphone. It’s thicker than a credit card—more like a bunch of cards put together. It also has a few buttons to choose which card you want to pay with with an LED display that shows which card you’ve chosen and how much battery life remains on the device.

Spendwallet in action

Now that’s one smart way to spend. Talk about a digital world.

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