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App Match: An App That Understands You and Recommends the Best Apps for You

April 17th, 2017 by

The App Store and the Play Store have hundreds of thousands of apps. Whatever you want to do, whatever you feel like playing, or reading, or doing, there’s always more than a few tens of apps for that. How then do you filter through all those and find the perfect apps for you to use? The answer is App Match.

What is App Match?

App Match logoIt’s an app recommendation app. It means that it asks you a bunch of questions, analysing your personality and interests based on your answers, and then recommends apps for your device.

The questionnaire takes less than 3 minutes to complete and the questions may range from the silliest to the most personal things about yourself. Know that, however, the more honest you are and the more questions you answer, the better your app recommendations will be.

Getting started

If you look for App Match in your App Store, you won’t find it because Apple doesn’t allow apps that help you find new apps. That’s one area that Apple search dominates in. Having said that though, you can visit the App Match website on your smartphone. Hit on the Start button and you can begin answering your questions.

App Match 1 App Match 2 App Match 3

It’s unlikely that you’d run into any problems, but of you do, however, you can always contact their team at [email protected]


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