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WALTR 2 Lets You Transfer Audio and Video Files to Your iOS Device Without Jailbreaking

May 1st, 2017 by

Developed by Softorino, WALTR is an app that lets you transfer both audio and video files to any iOS device without using iTunes or jailbreaking your device. It’s been around for a few years, but now, the team has launched a sequel to the app: WALTR 2.


The new version makes transferring files even easier than before. It’s available for both Windows and the Mac, supports wireless transfers, and supports even more file types and non-iOS devices, including legacy iPods.

So now once you’ve installed WALTR 2, you can connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and transfer files like ringtones, videos, ePUB files, PDF documents, and all kinds of audio even if the device you’re transferring to doesn’t support the file type. You might not be able to access it if the receiving device doesn’t support the file type, but WALTR 2 still lets you transfer them.

More than transfers

WALTR 2 isn’t just about transferring simple files. When you’re transferring audio or video files, the app automatically adds metadata to the files and tags them appropriately so that other apps like Apple Music can accept them.


Available now

You can now download WALTR 2, and try it out for free for a limited time. Once the trial os over, you can purchase a lifetime license for $39.95. If you’re already using WALTR, however, you can just upgrade to WALTR 2 for $19.95. Get the app here.


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