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Slickwraps Contour Lets Change the Colour of Your Phone Any Time You Want a New Case

May 8th, 2017 by

I own a black phone, and so I don’t often worry about the colour of my phone matching my clothes. But most of my friends, however, spend a lot of time and money buying multiple phone cases to fit their array of attire. Well, if you’re anything like my friends, here’s some good news: Slickwraps is mobile phone case manufacturer and they’ve come up with a smart printer that can give your phone an entirely new look in a matter of minutes. The name of the printer—Contour.


Slickwraps Contour

It looks like any other printer, only cooler. It’s a desktop-powered printer and small enough so handling is easy. You place your phone in the printer, and it’s smart enough to identify the device, printing a tight-fitting 3M vinyl coating on top of your phone. It avoids buttons and port holes so you don’t have to worry about covering up that shiny Apple logo on your iPhone. And what’s more, it works for any mobile phone or tablet.


Contour can coat your device in any colour you choose, but you can also paint patterns on it. It doesn’t damage the original colour of your phone, but it just coats over your phone to make it look like any mobile case. It works from the bottom up, layering the vinyl over your phone.

Getting a new skin

If you feel like getting a new skin for your phone, you can just tear off the vinyl coating and go for a new one. The wrap doesn’t leave any residues on your phone, so the new will look as slick and as smooth as the previous one.


The Contour is priced at $300. But it looks like a solid one-time investment for the folks who prefer matching phones or for those who can’t decide which colour to pick. Pick any colour—you can have a new case a day, every day of the year.

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