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How to Check Your iPhone’s Battery Charge Cycle Count? [No Jailbreak]

June 13th, 2017 by

What is the lifetime of my iPhone’s battery? I tend to hear this question quite often. Well, just like any other lithium cell, the iPhone’s battery too, has a definite lifespan. The best way to know about it is the battery charge cycle count. Here, I will tell you the technique to find out the number of charge cycles your iPhone has gone through and how many more it can endure before it needs a replacement. The best part is that you won’t even need a jailbreak.

How to Check Your iPhone’s Charge Cycle Count

What is the charge cycle count of a battery?

For starters, the charge cycle count of a battery is the highest number of complete charge and discharge sequences it can facilitate till it’s energy retention ability falls to around 80 percent. One ‘complete charge and discharge sequence’ signify pumping a cell from 0 to 100 percent and then taking it back to 0 percent.

For example, you may consume 65 percent of your battery’s capacity one day and then recharge it fully overnight. Now, if you use 35 percent the next day, then only, you will end up discharging a total of 100 percent. These two days shall add up to one complete charge cycle. It can take numerous days to accomplish a single cycle.

How many charge cycles can an iPhone’s battery endure?

An iPhone’s battery is designed to endure at least 500 complete charge cycle before its retaining capacity starts to fall below 80 percent of the original rating.

How many charge cycles can an iPad’s battery endure?

An iPad’s battery can retain the 80 percent capacity for as much as 1000 charge cycles.

How many charge cycles can an Apple Watch’s battery endure?

At 1000 charge cycles, it is the same as the iPad.

How many charge cycles can a MacBook’s battery endure?

The MacBook’s battery can sustain up to 1000 charge cycles.

How many charge cycles can an iPod’s battery endure?

Well, it is the lowest here. An Apple iPod can bear only 400 charge cycle.

How to check the battery charge cycle count of an iPhone?

A few months ago, a couple of applications like BatteryLife and Battery Percentage appeared in the official App Store. Both of them featured the forbidden capability of showing you the charge cycle count of your iPhone right in the device itself without any jailbreak. Eventually, they came under Apple’s scanner and were forced to shred of this advanced functionality.

However, here is the good news for the non-jailbroken iPhone users. A software is actually available outside the Apple App Store which can show you the charge cycle count of your iOS device. Named as CoconutBattery, it is a macOS app, which means that you must own an iMac or MacBook to use it. But, considering the battery cycle count is not something that needs continuous monitoring, you may occasionally connect your iPhone to your friends Mac and quickly get the required information.

CoconutBattery Screenshots

Speaking of the CoconutBattery, it is a very light weight app with tons of features. As its name suggests, the application provides you intricate details about the battery of your iOS device. Apart from the charge cycle count, you can also view the present charge (in mAh), maximum charging capacity (in mAh), out of the factory or real life charging capacity (in mAh), current temperature, manufacturing date and model number of the battery. You can download the CoconutBattery software from here.


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