36 Awesome Augmented Reality Apps & Games for Android

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Augmented Reality (AR) is going to be the future of most apps, all it takes is a decent processor, a camera, a compass and a GPS — all of which are becoming increasingly common on smart phones.

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  1. Faxon says

    Awesome. …. Awesome?
    What is the meaning of “awesome”.
    Awesome. I am really tired of hearing dunderheads use the word “awesome”.


  2. says

    Don’t forget locAR – a real-time team location tracking m-app in which you share location,motion,orientation data, texts and images across a team of users. Soon to be joined by vidAR, which supports optical tracking of objects within the AR view

  3. salcha says

    I am very impressed with this applications. I like the one with the stars constellations, very cool.

  4. Rohit says

    Saket! Thanks for compiling this list.. i played around with Layar, car locator and google sky map before.. but didn’t know there were so many other apps out there too!

  5. Sina says

    Another Augmented Reality app recently released for the iPhone4, iPad2, and iPod Touch 4th gen is: Creepy Crawlies.

    Perfect for Halloween. Its markerless AR (no piece of paper needed).

  6. says

    Thanks for the nice post, this helped me greatly in compiling an introductory article.may be more emphasis can be on navigation systems in cars…as BMW n other companies are coming up with lot of innovative ideas…

  7. Kemo says

    What’s funny is that the iPhone 3GS had Augmented Reality apps demo’ing far before now in pcales like New York and Berlin. This page makes it seem like the Android platform is something elite and special

    • says

      Hi Kemo. I had been an Android user since the start and have never used an iPhone for more than a day. So obviously, I am only going to feature Android Augmented Reality apps as it would be dishonest to feature iOS apps as well without actually using them :)

  8. Danielly says

    Hi Tom,Thx for your comment. We will post a list with suetpropd Android devices for Drive within the next weeks to make sure our users know if Drive is running on their device.If you need anything further, just contact me.GreetingsNicola

  9. houdy says

    Hi,Wikitude Drive will also be available in Europe, so stay tuned. The price will be plihbsued together with the launch of Wikitude Drive, so I can’t give you any details on this yet. We’ll keep you updated on the features or prices on our webpage.GreetingsNicola


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