Download Windows 7 Metro (Zune) Theme Inspired by Windows Phone 7

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Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7’s features may or may not have impressed everyone but its sexy Metro UI definitely caught everyone’s attention. If you want to bring it to your Windows 7 Desktop, here’s a theme for it:

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windows 7 metro theme white

windows 7 metro theme black

You can try out both white and black versions and see which one you like the most. This theme is is totally inspired by the Metro UI in Zune Player from Microsoft.

Download: Metro Theme: White | Black

For even more Metro feel on your desktop, try out Omnimo Skin. (You will need Rainmeter for this, find its download link at the bottom). Here’s how Omnimo looks :-


Download: Omnimo | Rainmeter

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  1. Drashna says

    I highly disapprove of using anything that alters files, or uses altered system files. Why use these hacks, when the author of those hacks has released an installer that creates an “Unsigned Themes” service that does the same thing… without altering files.

  2. geno says

    I’m very much interested with the Zune inspired Windows 7 theme and in fact, I downloaded it. I followed the procedures almost up to the last step which is I think pasting the two files to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes. It says in the last step(7.), Double Click to the “Zune QuickPlay.theme” file. I didn’t find the “Zune QuickPlay.theme” but what I found there were the Taskbar bottom and the Taskbar top, and also the Aero(I don’t know if that’s included). Opening the two Taskbar folders will give you “Zune Quickplay.” I don’t know whether I should click that or not but the icon is similar to that of the ones used by the other themes so I guess, if I click that, the theme will be applied but I don’t know whether that is complete or not/or at least will give me the similar result which can be seen in your sample picture of the desktop. Also, will that affect the system of my computer? affect the performance? What if I want to bring back the default theme/s/looks, will that happen by just clicking to my other/old themes and no other complicated steps again to follow? Will the icons be brought to their original forms? Please help me and so my questions be answered. Thanks

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