15 Best Foobar2000 Skins (Themes)

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It’s been some time since this list was made and many of the themes listed may not work properly. I’m having li’l tough time dealing with my college studies to spare some time to update this list.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me update this list by telling me about themes that currently work (leave a comment below)


Foobar2000 has now become my favorite audio player. Why? Because It is simple, it has got advanced features, it’s lightweight and does not contain any crap. (Equal credit goes to Reddit too for making me addicted to it.)

The best part of it is its high and extensive customizability – I can Skin it as I want it to look with foobar2000 skins. So here are the 15 best foobar2000 skins :-

How to Install a foobar2000 Skin?

  1. Copy everything to your fooobar2000 folder.
  2. Move the necessary (.dll) components into the components folder.
  3. Install the Skin and its images into the PanelsUI folder.
  4. Reboot your Foobar and hit “Ctrl+P”
  5. There’s no step 5, Enjoy your skin!

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1. Metro

foobar2000 metro skin

Download: Metro Skin (1.66 MB)

2. Mnlt2

foobar2000 skin mnlt 2

Download: Mnlt2 Skin (3.16 MB)

3. Shuyo

foobar2000 shuyo skin

Download: Shuyo Skin (0.87 MB)

4. MonoLite

foobar2000 monolite skin

Download: MonoLite Skin (0.97 MB)

5. Flex

foobar2000 flex skin

Download: Flex Skin (5.96 MB)

6. Gaia


Download: Gaia Skin (1.08 MB)

7. MonoLite Plus

foobar2000 monolite plus skin

Download: MonoLite Plus Skin (1.83 MB)

8. FooBear

foobar2000 foobear skin

Download: FooBear Skin (0.46 MB)

9. Ashen II

foobar2000 ashen skin

Download: Ashen II Skin (0.2 MB)| Important: Extra Required Components

10. Avonlea Light

foobar2000 avonlea light skin

Download: Avonlea Light Skin (5.88 MB)| Important: Extra Required Components

11. Mr. Griy

foobar2000 mr griy skin

Download: Mr. Griy Skin (1.67 MB)

12. fooPlacebo


Download: fooPlacebo Skin (7 MB)

13. Liquorice


Download: Liquorice Skin (1.24 MB)

14. Gaia Carmenm Mod


Download: Gaia Carmenm Mod (0.2 MB)

15. Shine


Download: Shine Skin (0.84 MB)

I hope you liked these foobar skins. If you encounter any problem with them, feel free to ask me about it.

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  1. Chad says

    Most of these no longer work with the current version of foobar, even though you posted this recently. Would be nice to see a list of the ones that still work.

      • Anonymous says

        You may, indeed, not be using a current version of Foobar, but I know of at least one of these skins listed which requires more than the file you offer as a download. Foobear, for instance, requires about 6 or so other plug-ins to work as depicted in the screen shot.

  2. David P. says

    What version are you using? I started using foobar recently and love it, but I would gladly go back to an old version to get some nice skins to work.

  3. Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com says

    Great find! A bit disappointed after reading the comments that not everything works in the latest version – but at least Metro works fine (according to previous commenter)? I’ll go for that + install it tonight :)

    • says

      Hey Michael, it’s been some time since I made this list and many of the skins here no longer work properly. I wish I could update this list but I’m occupied with my college studies right now. It would be great if you could help me update this list? :)

      And yeah, metro works well!

      • Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com says

        Well, it’s only a few months old so I’m surprised things don’t work anymore :) not your fault

        I may update this list but maybe not – have other tons of things to be published on my blog so I don’t think I have the time compiling a list like this :( thanks though and all the best for your studies!

          • Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com says

            OH! Sorry for the misunderstanding. I’ve always been using Winamp or the Foobar without skin 😛 Which is why I started to search for good skins and found your blog on Google SERPs. Sorry can’t help out though I’ve heard a good skin called “Subject Beauty” from a forum

  4. Andy Botwin says

    Actually this is a great list of skins! If you don’t like the current foobar skins available, falling back to an older release is suggested. Every format plays correctly, gapless works – what more does a jukebox need, really? :^)

    Adopt the linux mindset, that is, unless it’s a security fix there’s no reason to run out and upgrade simply because there’s a new version out; it always means more work for you. The old version(s) run fine for ~99% of the people who would use them. I’m sure there’s a bugfix or 20 that may be nice, however the version linked below runs great. I use it on an XP SP3 MPC (skinned with a slightly tweaked Bear) and leave it on shuffle for months at a time; I guess that’s the definition of a “stable release”?

    foobar2000 v.

    [please note]: foobar2000 users, that is, the hydrogenaudio forum – is populated by intellectual technical elitists, who, while being insanely nice, are very intolerant of stupidity and/or rudeness. If you can’t figure something out then –ask politely– for help, or you will have your ass handed to you.

  5. zs says

    I just want a simple dark theme, no fancy weird stuff… :( the foobar default interface is perfect otherwise, exactly because it’s simple and efficient, I just want a darker one, to get rid of the white background.

  6. Lanooz says

    i think you should link to the theme’s website (in this case, their deviant sites) not to a download file, so that they can access description, guides, maybe comments with tips and some updates, since you clearly can’t keep this updated : )

  7. Anonymous says

    In my opinion the best skin for Foobar2000 is DarkOne, by tedgo. You can find it on deviantart. The reason is because.. its one of the only skins to be updated to work on the latest version of foobar2000! Half of the skins above dont work unless you know how to heavily modify. Check it out – CLICK HERE

  8. vanscov says

    search on “deviantart.com” you can find much more, users share and explain everything. I got a lot of wonderfull skins selected. (aunque mi idioma nativo es español no se me hizo tan dificil configurarlo). search vanscov (me) for a hand :)

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