15 Best Foobar2000 Skins (Themes)

It’s been some time since this list was made and many of the themes listed may not work properly. I’m having li’l tough time dealing with my college studies to spare some time to update this list.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me update this list by telling me about themes that currently work (leave a comment below)


Foobar2000 has now become my favorite audio player. Why? Because It is simple, it has got advanced features, it’s lightweight and does not contain any crap. (Equal credit goes to Reddit too for making me addicted to it.)

The best part of it is its high and extensive customizability – I can Skin it as I want it to look with foobar2000 skins. So here are the 15 best foobar2000 skins :-

How to Install a foobar2000 Skin?

  1. Copy everything to your fooobar2000 folder.
  2. Move the necessary (.dll) components into the components folder.
  3. Install the Skin and its images into the PanelsUI folder.
  4. Reboot your Foobar and hit “Ctrl+P”
  5. There’s no step 5, Enjoy your skin!

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1. Metro

foobar2000 metro skin

Download: Metro Skin (1.66 MB)

2. Mnlt2

foobar2000 skin mnlt 2

Download: Mnlt2 Skin (3.16 MB)

3. Shuyo

foobar2000 shuyo skin

Download: Shuyo Skin (0.87 MB)

4. MonoLite

foobar2000 monolite skin

Download: MonoLite Skin (0.97 MB)

5. Flex

foobar2000 flex skin

Download: Flex Skin (5.96 MB)

6. Gaia


Download: Gaia Skin (1.08 MB)

7. MonoLite Plus

foobar2000 monolite plus skin

Download: MonoLite Plus Skin (1.83 MB)

8. FooBear

foobar2000 foobear skin

Download: FooBear Skin (0.46 MB)

9. Ashen II

foobar2000 ashen skin

Download: Ashen II Skin (0.2 MB)| Important: Extra Required Components

10. Avonlea Light

foobar2000 avonlea light skin

Download: Avonlea Light Skin (5.88 MB)| Important: Extra Required Components

11. Mr. Griy

foobar2000 mr griy skin

Download: Mr. Griy Skin (1.67 MB)

12. fooPlacebo


Download: fooPlacebo Skin (7 MB)

13. Liquorice


Download: Liquorice Skin (1.24 MB)

14. Gaia Carmenm Mod


Download: Gaia Carmenm Mod (0.2 MB)

15. Shine


Download: Shine Skin (0.84 MB)

I hope you liked these foobar skins. If you encounter any problem with them, feel free to ask me about it.