18 Best Rainmeter Themes and Skins

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Rainmeter is the ultimate desktop enhancement application. With over thousands of skins available, one can style their desktop as they want to. I generally use it to monitor my gmail account, browse through RSS feeds, quickly launch apps and save notes (which is snyc-ed with Kunal using Dropbox, so we can collaborate together on posts efficiently).

Rainmeter is not just an application, it is a robust toolkit. It has a huge community where in developers contribute their work. It puts minimal load on your PC. The best part is, Rainmeter is free and open source.

In this post, I’m sharing 18 Rainmeter themes or skins that I’ve used and think that they’re the best available around:

How to Install a Rainmeter theme?

  1. Right-click and Extract the contents of the file (.zip or .rar)
  2. Copy it to Rainmeter’s Skins folders present at:
    X:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\
  3. Open Rainmeter (or restart it if its already open). Right click on its tray icon and from the “Config” menu, choose your Skin/Theme.
  4. Congrats you did it!

(If it doesn’t work, lemme know about it by leaving a comment after this post.)

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Rainmeter Themes


Any rainmeter themes list is incomplete without mentioning about Omnimo, the best theme ever made for it. Make your desktop go Metro!

[download] Omnimo 3.1 Skin for Rainmeter (34.3 MB) [/download]

Also check out – WP 7 Metro theme for Windows 7 for a complete Metro interface.



[download] WRMZ Theme [/download]

Gaia ‘10


[download] Gaia 10 Skin (1.8 MB) [/download]



[download] Speed Theme (2.9 MB) [/download]

Rising Reflection Interface


[download] Rising Reflection Interface Skin (8.7 MB) [/download]



[download] Razor Theme (2.9 MB) [/download]



[download] Unity Theme (11.6 MB) [/download]



[download] Moxx Skin for rainmeter (3.9 MB) [/download]



[download] iShortcuts Theme (1.7 MB) [/download]

i2 Bar


[download] i2 Bar Skin (1.2 MB) [/download]

HUD uTorrent


[download] HUD uTorrent Skin (0.3 MB) [/download]



[download] 2Tone Rainmeter Skin (0.2 MB) [/download]



[download] Crowd Skin (8.5 MB) [/download]

Corner Calendar


[download] Corner Calendar Config (2.0 MB) [/download]

10-Foot HUD YBoris


[download] 10-Foot HUD Ybrois skin (8.4 KB) [/download]

Simple Taskbar


[download] Simple Taskbar Config (116 KB) [/download]

Electric Space


[download] Electric Space (19.8 KB) [/download]

NH Theme


[download] NH Theme (1.1 MB) [/download]

Did I miss anything?

P.S.: If you think this wasn’t enough, check out Lifehacker’s Desktop Show and tell (Flickr) Group, it’s is also worth checking out. It’s a great gallery of such more rainmeter skins:

Desktop Show and tell (Flickr) Group

Hope you liked these themes. It’s been some time since we last updated this article so there may be many new themes which are better than the ones we have enlisted here. Please feel free to comment here, if a theme gets sufficient votes, we will surely add that particular Rainmeter theme to this post.

Spread the word :Tweet about this on Twitter135Share on Facebook463Share on Google+59Share on Reddit1Pin on Pinterest7


  1. says

    Very informative artilce for me ..
    Now, i can customize my dekstop using it.
    Thanks .
    and one question is that using Rainmeter does it made changes to registry files and system files ??

  2. kelly yeow says

    Can you tell me how to install language Chinese in Samsung Galaxy Mini~
    Because i buy from UK! There don’t have Chinese!

  3. Fahmi says

    2. Copy it to Rainmeter’s Skins folders present at:

    it doesn’t exist :(

    • Saket says

      Hey sorry, WordPress has a problem of not displaying forward slash. Here’s the path to your folder:

      X:\Users\<your username>\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\

  4. Daniel says

    Dissapointed at the unity theme. It wont install, the custom installer it comes with moans about not being able to make a backup and then says “installer thread failed” It manages to create the backup folder it just doesn’t seem to want to copy the backup stuff across or install my theme :(

  5. Ankit says

    Rainmeter 2.1 beta version download ho gya…n install krne pe vc++ dwnload failed bta rha h………ye file bhi dwnload kr li…aur .net bhi…n installd as well………bt rainmeter install nae ho rha…….
    wt to do…further……
    give suggestions

  6. ellis lee says

    hey, how do you make it so it shows up as an actual theme, i did it with omnimo but none of the others:( thanks

  7. Vijay says

    basics with rainmeter are fine but customization to my specific needs like configuring weather, rss feeds and icons is becoming quite a headache im from non technical side but have learned programing languages, i have installed and uninstalled rm many a times due to same customization problems………help me

  8. Vijay says

    i am trying to change rss of lifehacker to a different even after many repeated attempts it is still taking lifehacker only please help

  9. Matt says

    Hey, buddy, nice work! I have been using rainmeter for quite a while but I never really bothered to check if it’s possible to use two or more themes at once. If so, would you know (and please teach me how) how to use like ‘iShortcuts’ and ‘Rising Reflection Interface’ for example at the same time? Thanks much man ;)

  10. jake says

    how do you change the font of the time 10 foot hud yboris? mine seems to be different font from your screen shot. its not as square

  11. Eric says

    Hi i try all of them and doesnt work ones i download it does not tell me run it tells me open ones i open the file i yous takes me to a ho bunch of letter pleas help me i doesnt on my cumputer o and is a new computer y i o apraciate it.

  12. eagleflux says

    Why my WMP cant play?i think its bcoz i dun have nowplaying.dll.where i can get that dll?
    one more thing,how to change win7 taskbar to make it suitable with the rainmeter we being use?or..juz hide the taskbar..

  13. Nis says


    I’m running rising reflection interface on rainmeter 2.1.0 beta rev 848 (64 bit)… and i cant get to see the fonts of clock as they are shown in the image. also some of the components like temperature and weather are not working… i see very small fonts on upperleft corner of screen (hardly visible). please help…


  14. chan says

    hi i m having problem in changing my rainmeter to speed skin posted in this website
    i tried using the trick u have given but did not work plzz help i m new using this application

  15. says

    An interesting addition to this list, although it’s not really a Skin, is the Daily Quote widget I developed. It can show a daily inspirational quote on your desktop for each day. I haven’t found it in any of the other themes, and I like to have a sort of dynamic element on my desktop that surprises me each time I boot my computer :)

  16. JayanT says

    Hey i installed a theme but m not able to get weather, fb, gmail etc feeds…i’ve even copied n pasted the rss feed links.Help me out!

  17. Enter your name...mishan says

    When i install rainmeter application setup, it shows error in middle like VC++ missing or something. And setup gets stopped. Plz help me!

  18. Max says

    For the electric space one, I can get everything but the background, I’ve tried downloading it multiple times, whats it filed under?

  19. eisenfrost says

    how can i install the rising reflection? i click everything but nothing happened. the folder already appeared in the configure menu but when i apply the skin i wont appear.

  20. Andrew says

    I have a rainmeter skin that I downloaded, but when I extract the folder from the .rar file and put it in the skins folder you showed, rainmeter does not see it. Any idea why?

    • says

      Can you please share a screenshot of that folder? It would be the fastest way to solve your problem instead of asking you a lot of questions :)

  21. mitri says

    i cant download any skin i am pressing the name of the skin next to the download it is opening for me another page on the internet a then give me the picture of the skin pleaze help

  22. mbrwhs says

    Yes, both links for iShortcut (zip file) does NOT redirect to the actual zip file. It just loads the deviantart picture (jpg file).

    • mbrwhs says

      Seen this message from the source page:

      “So this solution is until (if ever) someone creates an actual fully functional app as I described in my recent journal.

      Me and Xyrfo decided to recreate this for rainmeter. What started out as just a bunch of icons is now a highly customizable and functional icon suite. Complete with automatic resolution-aware icon rearranging (xyrfo pushing rainmeter to it’s edge again).
      Must say, this turned out better than expected, and I think a lot of you will like its functionality as well as its looks.
      The only thing we can’t be sure about is folders.
      Comments and suggestions are welcome!
      P.S> That’s actual aero blur behind the icons
      Also I included some of the graphics, in case anyone who’s interested in making the real thing wants them.”

  23. LALALA says

    why is this happen? i mean when i’m restarted my pc, all the rainmeter apps/widget disappear except for the wallpaper. why is that?

  24. Luchiver says

    How to setting shortcut ? i mean to change source .. for example > shortcut pict load (c/accer/my library) , i want to change become (e/pict/auto) … how i can do that ? please help …..

  25. Tena says

    ok I had some questions that I hope you be so kind to answer:

    1.- I need to make a global variable-counter witch increases on every second so I can use it an rewrite it to zero on several Measures an Methods when I need it

    2.- Also I need to randomize some animations and (with another variable I think) know when they have endedI’ll really appreciated your help

    • Script Kitten says

      The only way I can see doing this with the limitations of Rainmeter, is to either write your own plugin for it, and use that as a measure (similar to FanSpeed). You could probably just use a system time measure… (kinda messy though)

      As far as randomization goes, you could write a simple batch or vb script to output a random filepath to a variables file (in batch, using %random%; vb, not sure), which your rainmeter skin would monitor. Set the desired skin update to something like 1 second.

      Use Scheduled Task to run the batch or vb script every 5 minutes or something.

  26. Settler says

    Omnimo Is one of the best rainmeter theme for Windows Desktop. No list is complete without this one. Really nice themes buddy keep it up great work :-)

  27. maisarahtermizi says

    Can u teach me how to install the rainmeter from the first step ? Which means from the very beginning . I’ve downloaded the file but it can’t be opened. Do I have to do something before it ??

  28. Baltinah says

    The current veroisn is surprisingly easy to read.But, combined with the red banner, I find the colour scheme very aggressive? The visual message and the content seem out of synch.

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