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[How to] Install Windows 8 on a Virtual Machine using VM Virtual Box

April 27th, 2011 by


Windows 8, the upcoming Win7 Successor by Microsoft has already been leaked out on the internet. Milestone Builds 7850 is available on various sites and torrent sites such as Betaarchive and the infamous PirateBay. Microsoft has officially released the developer preview for Windows 8. You can find direct HTTP Windows 8 download links on this page.

When you’ve got hold of it, here’s a tutorial on how you can install it on a Virtual Machine.

Installing VM Virtual Box

Download and Install VM Virtual Box with the link given below:

Download: VM Virtual Box

(Mac, Linux and Solaris users, download it here.)

Before we start, open Settings and ensure that the following are checked:

  • System Tab: Enable IO APIC
  • Processor Tab: Enable PAE/NX
  • Acceleration Tab: Enable VT-x/AMD-V and Nested Paging

Creating a New Virtual Machine to Install Windows 8

new-virtual-machineLaunch it and Click on New. Click on Next at the first screen.

2nd screen (VM Name and OS Type)

Type on a name, like “Windows 8”. In OS Type, choose Operating System as “Microsoft Windows” and in Version – “Other”. Hit next.

3rd Screen (Memory)

Select the amount of RAM you’d like to be allocated for your virtual machine. I chose 50% of my RAM for a smooth performance.

4th Screen (Virtual Hard Disk)


Tick “Boot Hard Disk” and choose “Create a new hard disk”. Clicking on Next will bring on a new wizard to create a virtual hard disk. Click Next at 1st screen.

In 2nd screen, select “Dynamically expanding storage” as the Storage Type. Hit next and then select the size of the virtual drive. Select at-least 15-20GB. Click Next and then Finish.

Final Screen

You’ll get a summary of your options. Click on Finish.

Installing Windows 8 on the Machine

Select the Virtual Machine that you’ve just created and hit the Start button. You’ll be welcomed by a First Run Wizard. Hit Next. Now Browse the Windows 8 .iso File (screenshot below)


Click Next and Finish the Process. Congrats You’ve done it! Windows 8 will install (will take a while) and then you are ready to play with it. This is how your Windows 8 should look like:


The Metro UI is a huge leap from the traditional user interfaces which Microsoft had been following. But personally I believe it’s true power might only be seen on a tablet. Oh and yes, Windows 8 RTM won’t be released before 2012. So you still have to wait for many months.

Now that you have installed Windows 8, You would be interested in checking out our article on Comprehensive List of Shortcuts for Windows 8 [Keyboard + Mouse]

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  1. nazgard

    thanks for the guide but it keeps telling me that my CPU isnt suitable to run 64 bit why is that and how do i get this windows 8 release to run on VM?

    1. Saket - Post author

      Do you get that error while installing Virtual Box? Weird. Mine windows 7 is also a 32-bit copy but I never received that. I wonder why it isn't installing. Can you send me a screenshot of it?

      1. nazgard

        i post a screenshot will as soon as i get home VM was installed successfully i dont get it myself, it starts normally, and then before it enters the installation screen, it says that i have problem, something that has to do with difference between 64 and 32 bit wierd indeed

        1. Saket - Post author

          Yes a screenshot will help me better in finding the problem. Btw, are you sure your Windows 7 & the Windows 8 copy are of the same architecture, i.e., 32bit (or 64 bit)?

            1. Saket - Post author

              Hmm, try this: Right Click on your Virtual Machine and choose Settings. On the system tab check if "Enable IO APIC" is checked. Tell me if it works then.

    1. Saket - Post author

      One more person had asked me the same question (see above comments). Try this: Right Click on your Virtual Machine and choose Settings. On the system tab check if “Enable IO APIC” is checked. If it works, please do tell me about it. EDIT: If that doesn't work for you, try to go through this thread. Further searching on VMware's Community might help as well.

  2. popS

    And to say only: Apply the "Enable IO APIC" does not work! You know why? Because the real host machine must allow 64-bit and have installed over a 64-bit system. With the 32-bit Windows system virtual machine error and win 8 does not work!

  3. NazgarD

    ok so there is no way to override this?? it doesnt make any sence... there must be a way to do so Saket what "popS" is suggesting that it is impossible to install a Win-8(since its 64 bit ONLY!!!) on Win 7 32 Bit how come u were able to intall and run windows 8? shouldnt matter but im using "Windows.8.Build.7989.x64-iND"

  4. JennyLoveMX

    Hey, you talk about how to install windows 8, but... I just can't find it, could you give me some link to download it... Please!! Kisses, Jenny. @JennyLoveMX

    1. Saket - Post author

      It is not any theme Dan. It's Windows 8 disguised as Win7. You can see many hidden features in it such as Ribbon UI etc. This post will help you:

  5. Melissa

    So why won't you tell us the torrent sites to download it from. WTF IS A TORRENT SITE?!!! Fuck dude just tell us. I don't get it. You don't want to get in illegal trouble or something? You think leaking THAT info will get you busted...? So anyway, for all those who are lost. I read someone's comment about "Windows.8.Build.7989.x64-iND" so I went to google, and searched exactly that. Found a few websties. I haven't tried it yet, but I've found I'm guessing you have to d/l all the parts? Just go to google and type "windows 8 build" and a few options will come. I'm only suggesting because I have yet to try it with this kid wasting my time for his lack of telling others the website he used for this "leaked" windows 8. Share only part of the information, wtf is the point?! >.<

    1. Saket - Post author

      Thanks a lot for shouting melissa. First of all, you say I'm providing a part of the information? Hello this post is a tutorial on how to install it using VM Virtual Box and not how to download it. You get it? Oh and yes, I have already mentioned the names of the torrent websites where it is available if you read my post carefully: Betaarchive and PirateBay. A quick search would show you the results within few seconds. AND, I cannot link to illegal websites because that is against Google's TOS. This blog is supported by ads. I hope I've cleared everything.

  6. 5mith

    after all this yelling i guess Google must be broken. Saket, thanks for the tutorial. and for all you people to lazy to google... OMFG a link to a microsoft site... and its not illegal its the Developers Preview.

        1. Daniel

          Me too... Specs: Asus P8P67 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (Quad Core) 8169 MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64x Thats the message when i use the 32 bit, when I use 64 bit edition it sais my processor isn't for 64 bits...

          1. Daniel

            BTW, when I want to use more than one processor, the VM gives me an error: Result code: E_FAIL (0x80004005) Component: Console Interface: IConsole {1968b7d3-e3bf-4ceb-99e0-cb7c913317bb}

          2. Saket - Post author

            Is it the infamous Blue Screen of Death (With a big sad smiley) that you're referring to? There could be several reasons for this issue. Maybe Mark Moran had a similar issue which he has finally solved. I've asked him for the steps he took. Till then, let's wait for his reply. There's one thing you could do. Start it from scratch and I've added some more settings instructions at the starting of this post. Follow them and see if it works. Also, x64 version may work if you check Enable IO APIC from the system settings. Try it. Ah, one more thing, remember this is just a developer preview build and it has several flaws.

            1. Daniel

              i've solved the problem with the 64 bit error, My BIOS wasn't set right, I had to enable vitalization of my CPU. After that it works Fine. However, is it normal if the apps don't work, only desktop, configuration, and maybe one more do actually work... It's a little dissapointing

              1. Saket - Post author

                Talking about the metro apps? Yeah it's not working for many people. Some people say it depends on the computer. I think it's something other than specifications because you already have a desktop with very high specs.

      1. Mark Moran

        In the BIOS I changed the SATA mode to ATA instead of the value it was set to and it installed perfectly. It may have been set to ACHI but not even 100% sure what I was changing :-) M

  7. judy parfitt

    I periodically re-image my hard drive using Windows 7 image utility. I apply updates and create a new image and archive it. This way I can recover from a corrupt operating system in minutes. I also have tried virtualizing Windows 7 and Vista using Virtual Box. However, when I restore my host operating system, the virtual machine (guest) now requires reactivation. I have asked the folks at Virtual Box how to prevent the reactivation, but I have not gotten much help as they expect everyone to be an expert, which I am not. Can you help me?

  8. Nathan A. Taylor

    Hey, im trying to install the windows 8 thing and i get s far and i keep getting this... ( and its getting rather annoying so far this is as far as i have managed to get by myself its sort of annying me thats its just my computer ><

    1. Saket - Post author

      The desktop part of Windows 8 is pretty much the same as it was in Windows 7, except for a slightly redesigned Explorer. It now has a ribbon UI that is very handy. The start screen is basically made for touch-screens, but works well for using with mouse too. I find it faster than the class start menu :)

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