A Mega List of 22 Addictive Android Multi-Player Games

12. Homerun Battle 3D


A great game for baseball fans, Homerun Battle 3D delivers excellent multi-player gaming experience in head-to-head matches with players from all over the world. Also, it is optimized for Xperia PLAY so that’s an extra cookie for Play owners.

Download: Homerun Battle 3D Full Version ($4.99) | Lite (Free)


13. iMobsters


A MMO Mafia Game, iMobsters boasts about 1.6 million players. You’ll start as a petty thief and its your job to rise to the Mafia Don by bringing others into your mob. Fight other mobsters in an immersive MMO game and become the godfather.

Download: iMobsters (Free) 

14. What the Doodle!?


A funny game, What the Doodle is a real-time online multiplayer draw-guess game. At most of the times, there are several players online with which you can play with. A player has to draw a doodle and the other has to guess it. This sounds simple but is very addictive.

Download: What the Doodle!? Full Version ($4.9) | Lite (Free)


15. Sketch Online


Another great game, Sketch Online is a fun drawing based guessing game. In the game, a player has to draw a given word while other players have to guess it in real-time. A perfect time killing online multi-player game to play.

Download: Sketch Online (Free) 

16. ProjectINF


ProjectINF is a good online multi-player Shooting game. It is the closest game to Counter Strike type of a game you’ll find for multi-player gaming on Android. Upto 24 players can play in a single game with customizable characters and multiple maps.

Download: ProjectINF (Free) 

17. Battle for Mars


Battle for Mars is a huge turn based strategy game where you use soldiers, robots, and spaceships to battle alien races. Several maps like mountains, forests, sea etc are available along with numerous campaigns, buildings, enemies etc.

Download: Battle for Mars ($4.99)

18. ShipCombat Multiplayer


ShipCombat Multiplayer is a game based on classic battleships game. I remember I used to enjoy this game with my friends, but that using paper and pencil. ShipCombat brings it to Android where you can play with your friends and destroy their ships before they sink yours.

Download: ShipCombat Multiplayer (Free) 

19. Everlands


Everlands is an arcade turn-by-turn puzzle game. You’ve to unite animals & combine the best of their abilities and together stand against the enemy. Each animal has its unique features and you can also create your own tactics combining dozens of abilities to defeat your foe.

The game gets quite tough and challenging as you keep progressing. It packs 20+ levels and characters and is integrated with facebook.

Download: Everlands High Definition* ($2.40) | Standard Definition ($2.40) | Lite Version (Free) 

HD ($2.40)non-HD ($2.40)Lite

*The HD version is optimized for tablets and hi-end handsets. Try the regular SD version if you have a lower-specs device.


20. Ant Smasher

As the name sounds, Ant Smasher is a game where you’ve to compete with other users in smashing ants. This might not be one of the best games out there but surely proves out to be a boredom killer.

Download: Ant Smasher (Free) 

Multi-Player Gaming on the Same Phone

2-player-reactor21. 2 Player Reactor

Among my favorites, 2 Player Reactor is an online game where you’ve to match your reflexes against your friends in several action-packed game modes. In the game, a question will be given such as the one you can see in the screenshot and the first one to answer it wins the round. Woth over 9+ mini-games, this game shouldn’t be missed.

Download: 2 Player Reactor (Free) 

Also check out – 4 Player Reactor ($3.20)

22. Paper War


Paper War is a fun and simple multiplayer game for 2 people. Another boredom killing game like 2 player reactor, it offers different game modes and mini games such as Anti-aircraft, plane smasher etc. where you’ve to destroy your opponent.

It doesn’t offer any 3D graphics but its funky hand-drawn graphics is visually attractive and its simple yet challenging gameplay makes it a great multiplayer game on the same screen.

Download: Paper War (Free) 

This list ends here. I’m not any Android genius so if you think I missed any game then do tell me about it by leaving a comment below. 😉

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