Download Apple Mac OS X Theme for Windows 7

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Mac OS X has always been termed as more elegant than any other Operating System. If you are a fan of it, here’s a OS X Lion theme for Windows 7 developed by a DeviantART member, David Pieron. The theme packs several icons, utilities like the dock and a wallpaper to give your desktop a feel of Mac.

(Want more themes? Check out my list of 10 Cool Themes for Windows 7.)

The theme can be installed in two ways -

  1. Manually by replacing files and
  2. Automatic with a 1-Click installer.

Also, Windows 7 does not allow 3rd party themes to be installed by default. So you’ll have to patch the system files to do it. It’s very easy and check this post for a 3-steps tutorial.

Please note that you’ll need to install Custopack in order to use the 1-click installer. Grab both the windows 7 theme and Custopack below:

P.S.: If you’re looking for that blue aurora wallpaper in the screenshot above, get it here.

How to Uninstall it?

Uninstalling the theme is very easy. Simply right-click anywhere on your desktop and choose Personalize. You’ll get a list of themes that are available and few custom themes that you had made/used earlier. Choose anyone of them and your Mac theme will be disabled. For removing those start icons and other left-overs, restart your computer.

This should disable the theme completely. You may also uninstall Custopack afterwards.

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The Theme is Virus Free (Proof)

I occasionally get comments from people who say there’s a virus included in the theme. Here are two online virus scan results:

  1. Jotti’s malware scan
  2. Virus Total report by Virustotal

The reports says it’s totally clean. So, people chill out and use the theme without any worries :) Please note that I had to split the 31 MB file into two files as the max. file limit was 20 MB, the above link points to scan results of the first file (19 MB).

Spread the word :Tweet about this on Twitter25Share on Facebook720Share on Google+32Share on Reddit1Pin on Pinterest0


    • Saket says

      Sounds aren’t working? I guess that should be a problem with Windows and not the theme. Does sound work with the default windows theme kobby?

  1. Ramsey Cosay says

    hi, I like the theme gonna try it, but I want to ask, I have a program that allows u to have animated backgrounds, ummm dreamscene is what it’s called will it still work?

  2. pravin patil says

    I haven’t tested it yes it should work. Because this is only a clone theme of Mac OS X. Go on and try it. If it doesn’t work then you can always bring back your previous theme realy use full them enjoy

  3. K says

    I’m finding it difficult to restoremy windows 7 settings. I love your theme, but i wanted to back to my old theme which is the windows 7 one. When i try reverting back, the apple picture that comes in place of the windows picture on the start menu isn’t going back to normal.
    Please help!

  4. ishan singh says

    So if i install it and get bored after one month.. Is it possible to uninstall correctly without any problem?? I dont want to restore my system cause i got important files..

    • says

      Don’t worry, it is just a theme and nothing else. Whenever you start feeling bored, right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize to get back the old theme or a new one.

      • Imam Bin Siraj says

        Well so it was as it.. after having it downloaded only the Library ICON and other Icons changed but there was no change with the taskbar.. i have tried it on many other PSS’c but it works well and not only on Win 7 home Premium…

      • Imam Bin Siraj says

        well will that work on Win 7 professional…. :(
        If yes how I tried every way of installing it after downloading the pack with custo tools.. But the results were the same…

  5. mylifescameo says

    I love this theme.. But I’m having a serious issue with the sound not working. It worked before I downloaded the theme. I uninstalled it and it worked just fine. So I tried to download the theme again, and now my sound isn’t working. I read that others had this issue, but you didn’t give instructions on how to solve this problem. It isn’t a windows issue, its an issue with the theme. Please fix, otherwise this download is useless. I can’t even watch movies on my computer now. Please help.

    • says

      I have tried this theme on my PC without experiencing any sound problems. Though, I’ll look around if there’s any possible solution to this issue.

  6. Jazz.49 says

    This is amazing, I am never undoing this theme! I can not thank you enough for making this, completely amazing.

  7. Binyul says

    The theme is amazing. But got some small problems. all folders don’t have default blue color + after highlighting the popup menus some alphabets go out of focus. While drag drop operation the black or dark color is not so good.

  8. Lucifer says

    hi friends,
    i have mac os x 86 original dvd..but my laptop is core i3… :(
    so the mac can’t install in my lap…i loving Apple Mac…but i failed while it installing in my i3…
    so i just search the Mac theme for windows 7 and i found this site..its very helpfull to me…and it is working properly without any problem….its cool…thanx to the admin of this web site for uploading it…

  9. baseer jk says

    one click installation is failed to install bro. it asking to download custom pack. is there any problem with custom pack installation.

  10. Osama says

    hi my card does not support windows 7s aero …… when installing i get a message that visual styles will not be installed because your computer does not support aero … does it mean that i cant get my pc to look like the one shown in the above pic …..??? or can anyone give me the settings for the above appearance

    • says

      Hey Osama, what’s your Windows experience index? Windows 7′s aero effects will only work if you’ve run the assessment. Right-click My Computer > Properties.

  11. Osama says

    my index rating is 1…………:( its only because of 3d gaming performance…….. but all the other ratings are above 4

  12. Richard says

    I installed this fine and it looks great – nice work

    I do have one problem though, after a restart my Windows Update has lost everything except #elementModuleHeaderText# as the title. Is there a fix to this or have I done something wrong? I used the CustoPack auto installer to install the theme.

    Any help would be great, thanks.

  13. Kyle Easter says

    Does this effect PC performance on windows 7 64-bit. could be a coincidence, But i have noticed serious CPU usage on windows since installing this with custopack.

    I do love this theme so much though!

  14. chencho says

    it’s awsome, i like it. i’m not havin problem as a new installer, will my computer have problems later after having installed the mac os x lion theme.

  15. Tehami Alam says

    Hi, I really appriciate you uploading this. I just hope that nithing goes wrong. Will this lag my windows 7???? And also is it ok is i use Windows 7 Professional 64-bit ????

  16. kareenn says

    Hi:) This seems like a cool idea, I’d really want to install this, but first i have a few questions.
    1. Will it change a lot of things on my window 7.
    2. How much space does it take up? how much ram?
    3.Does it work really good? will i be able to go back to my windows 7, and have it exactly like I did before I installed this theme? Like if nothing happened?

    Please answer my questions, i would really be glad if you did. Thank you. and awesome product. c:

    • says

      1. It’ll change a lot of Windows 7′s appearance to look like if it’s Mac OS X that you’re running on your PC/Laptop.

      2. It’s a theme and not a software so there’s no point calculating its RAM performance. Space? I don’t know but it shouldn’t be more than 50 MB.

      3. Yes you can.

      Enjoy the theme!

  17. Madhan says

    Wow!!! Really awesome. If you really have doubts about installing this, clear them for your mind. This really works.

    • says

      Uninstalling the theme is very easy. Simply right-click anywhere on your desktop and choose Personalize. You’ll get a list of themes that are available and few custom themes that you had made/used earlier. Choose anyone of them and your Mac theme will be disabled. For removing those start icons and other left-overs, restart your computer.

  18. Kaibalya says

    I am not able to install is saying something like windows 7 doesn’t allow 3rd party thame. any1 can help me???

    • Ticklemehballlz says

      I have also found that using this theme seems to reduce the load on windows 7

      Maybe because the colours it uses are less graphics intensive than when you are using Aero effects on windows 7.

      So yes this would improve your performance a little bit, if you have low hardware.

  19. Mati says

    Hi, this theme is amazing!!! But i have problem with the top window write and 3 icons (green, yellow, red) they are all a bit on left side i mean the write is beginning on the edge of window, not like in your screen what can i do with this ?

  20. никита says

    супер!!!!!!!!! советую скачать

    English Translation:- super!!! I advise to download

  21. mark matthew says

    christine just right click at the dock and click the dock setting go to position change the screen position to bottom and click apply.. that will do it

  22. gonzalo says

    Wonderful points altogether, you simply received a emblem new reader. What may you recommend about your post that you just made some days in the past? Any positive?

  23. Blake Carter says

    Hi! This is reallllyyy awweeessooommee!!! two thumbs up for you dude .. hope there will be more with custopack :))

  24. chronicles says

    after installing all of the stuff and also using the theme, can i uninstall the CustoPack program???

  25. Billy says

    I Will Download everything even the thing to patch it and it keeps downloading it to a google chrome file and then i click to save it and it wont and it just opens up another download bar for the same file i just downloaded!! WHAT DO I DO??????

  26. Archer says

    Ahhm . . i like iit to but i have a little problem. when i try to uninstall this skin pack, and reboot the pc, the apple icon on the start menu is still there and the icons and folder are still the same just as the skin pack is installed in my pc. how can i change it back to the original windows icons?

  27. fardin says

    i uninstall my mac themes but that icon is not removed and i restart my computer but it is not removed how can i fix this problem pleas ?

  28. aXe says


    The theme is wonderful.
    I just installed after patching the OS and installing Custopack.
    Well, i am having two issues
    1) The windows start button is not replaced by an apple.
    2) The button icons (close, restore, minimize etc) are not in apply style , colored ones you know what i mean.

    I did the full installation of the theme using custopack, please help what did i miss.
    I would like to leverage the full look alike and feel of MAC.


    Kudos \m/

  29. dirk says

    I really love this theme, but I have a problem, my start up and log-on screen still have the windows background,I’ve tried changing it on custopack, but it doesn’t work, any advice for me?

  30. John says

    I have installed it. Thank you! However there is a problem with audio. Though I play some files, it doesn’t produce any audio. Error. Please help me as soon as possiple! I’m waiting…..

  31. drilon says

    please can u help me , i install this themes , i have windows 8.1 pro , and where the install finished , i have all my screen black , can u tell me how can i back my computer … please


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