Download Apple Mac OS X Theme for Windows 7


Mac OS X has always been termed as more elegant than any other Operating System. If you are a fan of it, here’s a OS X Lion theme for Windows 7 developed by a DeviantART member, David Pieron. The theme packs several icons, utilities like the dock and a wallpaper to give your desktop a feel of Mac.

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The theme can be installed in two ways –

  1. Manually by replacing files and
  2. Automatic with a 1-Click installer.

Also, Windows 7 does not allow 3rd party themes to be installed by default. So you’ll have to patch the system files to do it. It’s very easy and check this post for a 3-steps tutorial.

Please note that you’ll need to install Custopack in order to use the 1-click installer. Grab both the windows 7 theme and Custopack below:

P.S.: If you’re looking for that blue aurora wallpaper in the screenshot above, get it here.

How to Uninstall it?

Uninstalling the theme is very easy. Simply right-click anywhere on your desktop and choose Personalize. You’ll get a list of themes that are available and few custom themes that you had made/used earlier. Choose anyone of them and your Mac theme will be disabled. For removing those start icons and other left-overs, restart your computer.

This should disable the theme completely. You may also uninstall Custopack afterwards.

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The Theme is Virus Free (Proof)

I occasionally get comments from people who say there’s a virus included in the theme. Here are two online virus scan results:

  1. Jotti’s malware scan
  2. Virus Total report by Virustotal

The reports says it’s totally clean. So, people chill out and use the theme without any worries 🙂 Please note that I had to split the 31 MB file into two files as the max. file limit was 20 MB, the above link points to scan results of the first file (19 MB).