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Find and Remove Duplicate MP3s with Music Similarity

June 15th, 2011 by

music similarity

If you’re a music lover then it is obvious you must have a large collection of songs. As a person of similar interest, I sometimes end up in downloading the same song more than once, especially when they’re both of different format.

This is where, Music Similarity, a windows application, comes to rescue by solving this problem of music duplicity by scanning your computer for possibly duplicate MP3s, and thus helping you to remove duplicate songs.

Let’s Test it

My MP3 collection consists of about 900 tracks which are of about 3.2 GB in space in total. I started Similarity and chose my songs’ folder for scanning. In just few seconds, it came up with an analysis, finding about 15+ duplicate songs. (~100 MB in size)

The comparison powered by “acoustic fingerprint” technology considers the actual contents of files, not just tags or filenames, and thus ensures the extreme accuracy of similarity estimation. Moreover, the comparison isn’t dependent of music file format; the application supports almost every file format in full.

File Formats supported:


2 versions of similarity are available, one free and the other, a paid one which has some advantages over its predecessors, though both do the job of removing duplicate songs at the same ease. You can view a quick list of its advantages here.

Download: Music Similarity

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