7 Most Handy Apps for Taking Quick Notes [Android]


Being a blogger, I often write down small chunks of note on my phone, like while reviewing an app. For this purpose, note taking applications come of great use. And I’m not talking about just bloggers, a note app is among the essential apps in Android for everyone.

I’ve used several apps for such purpose in the past few months and so I decided to share my favourite android note apps.

As listed below, the first four apps are stupid simple apps for taking notes (which I often prefer for taking simple notes, like when I’ve to review an app) and the remaining 3 offer more advanced features, which is good for power users.

1. Color Note

Color note android app  SC20110726-213205

  • It’s a simple app, no crap and has a neat interface.
  • Notes can’t be synced, though they can only be backed up in a file. This is not good for those who often change their ROMs.
  • Notes can be pinned to the Homescreen as sticky notes. Really handy.
  • Notes can be secured with a master password.

Download: Color Notes App (Free)

2. Classic Notes Lite

notes lite android app  notes lite android app

  • Notes Lite is is among my favourites. It’s a minimal app for taking notes, over. Nothing else.
  • Status bar shortcuts can be added for quickly adding a note from the status bar.
  • Homescreen shortcuts can be added for notes.
  • A great feature which I liked was the extras. For example, you can get your city’s weather report as a reference note (screenshot above) or get word meanings and lots more.
  • Sadly, there’s no option for syncing notes.

Download: Classic Notes App (Lite) | Full Version ($1.99)

Lite (Free)Full ($1.99)

3. MobisleNotes

mobislenotes android app  mobisle 2

  • In the pro version, notes can be synced with Google Docs. In the lite version, notes can only be synced manually to a text file. Sorry lite users, no cookie for you.
  • Similar to others, this app can protect notes with a master password.
  • Notes can be instantly switched into a to-do checklist with a single tap.
  • Alarms can be added as a reminder.
  • I really liked its notepad styled interface. See above screenshot.
  • which I liked was the extras. For example, you can get your city’s weather report as a reference note (screenshot above) or get word meanings and lots more.
  • Though there’s no option for syncing notes.

Download: MobisleNotes App (Lite) | Pro Version ($3)

Lite (Free)Full ($3)

4. Flick Note

flick note android app  flick note android app

  • Notes can be synced to Simplenote account. Notes can be tagged as well.
  • When you tag any friend of yours in a note, it shares that particular note via email and allows you both to collaborate on that same note.
  • Adding a “[]” or “_” adds a checkbox, allowing you to make to-do lists as well.
  • Pinching out to zoom in will make the app go full-screen. Pinching in to zoom out…. yepp, you got the idea!
  • It has 2 modes – editing and viewing. In view mode, you can add headlines and sub-headlines by adding a “#” or “##” in front of the line respectively.
  • The paid version includes to-do list support, widgets, and ofcourse, no more ads.

Download: Flick Note App (Lite) | Pro Version ($5.25)

Lite (Free)Full ($5.25)

5. Evernote

SC20110726-205705  SC20110726-215327

  • Evernote is among the best android notes app. It is fully featured note app and I regularly use it.
  • Powerful Desktop App for almost all OS: Windows, Mac and also iOS.
  • Notes can be synced to an evernote account.
  • Notes can be locked with PIN.
  • Notes can be shared with others and posted on facebook as well.
  • GPS info can be added to notes.
  • Shortcuts to a particular note can be created on the desktop.

Download: Evernote App (Free)

6. Catch Notes

catch notes (1)  catch notes (2)

  • Great User Interface.
  • Notes are synced to a Catch account (or linked with a Google account).
  • Notes can be tagged and recently used tags are saved.
  • Photos and recordings can also be attached to a note apart from just text.
  • A 4-digit PIN can be added as the master password for securing notes
  • Reminders can be set with alarms.

(P.S.: That photo in 2nd screenshot isn’t fake, I used Vignette app for that photo effect)

Download: Catch Notes App (Free)

7. SpringPad

springpad (1)  springpad (2)

  • Lastly, but one of the best note apps, Springpad offers relatively more options than others.
  • Notes can be categorized properly. Some other apps also offer the same feature but it seems to be arranged better in Springpad.
  • Notes are synced to a SpringPad account.
  • Reminders can be added.
  • Apart from text, images and audio recordings can also be added to a note.
  • Further, if you like, add a movie in a note, you can lookup for several info about that particular movie. It also then adds quick links such as for buying it etc. Same applies for recipes, book etc.
  • I like most of the features that Springpad offers except all the crap that appeared the first time I started it.
  • You’ll have to enter the PIN every time the orientation of your phone is changed. Some may find it kinda irritating after using it some time, like me.

Download: SpringPad App (Free)

What’s your Favourite App?

The Android market is huge and I know there might be several other apps available which I haven’t covered. If you know a different note app for android which you think is great, tell me about it.