Make your Android go Awesome with These 15+ Tasker Profiles [Tutorials]


Tasker is one of the best applications ever built for android and is among the important reasons why I chose an android as my companion. From automating phone profiles to acting as a location reminder tool, it does everything that I can think of and pushes the limit of the phone to a new height.

I’m not really a tasker guru but I’ve played with it for long and have collected a bunch of profiles that make my (already awesome) phone even awesome.

Basic Things to be known

Adding a new Profile

  • Click on New –> Give it a name –> Add a Context. Here context simply means a condition. Like, if  it’s time i.e., the time is between 00:00 AM and 6:00 AM, do something.
  • To add multiple contexts, tap an existing contest and select “Add”.

New Task

  • Tap on the + icon and then, select an action category. For example, if you want your phone to go offline at night, Select Net > Airplane Mode.
  • Further, if you wish to save a particular task, click on the “New” button at top right corner. You can then use this task in any profile but also note that any change in the task will affect all the profiles which are using this task.

I suppose you’ve got the basic ideas. For more help, press Menu > User-guide or click the “?” button in any action window. (A web version of user-guide can be found here.)

Tasker Tutorials

1. Use it as an Anti-Theft Application

An anti-theft application is among the most essential app for your multi-hundred bucks phone. But instead of paying for a separate app, tasker can be easily configured to do many of the stuffs that a tracking app does.

a) Tracking with GPS

Lifehacker has written a very detailed tutorial on getting your phone’s location with GPS. Instead that I copy that and write the same thing here, with li’l re-arrangement of words, I recommend you to read it here.

b) Remotely enable GPS*

Context: Event –> Phone –> Received SMS.
Now, choose a number that you own and set the message to something like “GPS ON”.
Action: Misc –> GPS.

*Doesn’t work on stock Android v2.3.3+, only supported by select ROMs

C) Email phone’s Location (Tutorial link)
d) Remotely wipe data

Context: Event –> Phone –> Received SMS
Action: File –> Delete Directory (check “Recurse” or it won’t delete non-empty folders)

e) Take Photos Remotely

Context: Received SMS
Action: Media –> Photo or Photo Series
Check “Discrete” (for taking snaps secretly) and uncheck “Insert in Gallery”

(Photo series will add increasing numbers when saving the photo, Photo will simply over-write the existing file)

f) Email the Photos (Tutorial Link)
g) Making Tasker Indestructible*

If you haven’t installed Tasker, open a file explorer with root capabilities and move tasker’s apk file to: /system/app

If it’s already installed then backup it’s apk installer and move it to the above location. Then, install it. (Replace – Yes)

This way, Tasker won’t be deleted even if a new ROM if flashed (Why? that “app” folder remains untouched)

*root required

2. Start music player when headphones are connected

Context: Headset Plugged
Action: 1) App –> Load App > Music
2) Audio –> Media Volume –> 10 (ensuring that loud music doesn’t hurt your ears)
3) Alert –> Popup –> “Music Time!”

3. Enable USB Tethering when USB is Plugged to a PC

Context: State –> USB Plugged
Action: Net –> USB Tether

image4. Switch to Silent Mode When There’s an Appointment in the Calendar

Context: State –> Calendar Entry (Available – No)

In Title, add words like “*meeting*”, “*busy*” etc., separated by “/”. So whenever any calendar event contains these words, this profile would be activated.

Example: “*meeting*/*busy*/*party*”

Action: Audio –> Silent Mode

image5. Enable WiFi when at Home

Context: State –> Cell Near

Tap the “Start” button and move around your home as your area may be covered by several cells (the “<” sign represents the tower you’re currently connected to). You may stop it after few minutes.

Action: Net –> WiFi

6. Automatically switch profiles in certain areas

The same way as I showed you above, how to enable WiFi when at home, you can do the same for switching profiles as well, like when you’re in your college, office or anywhere.

Context: State –> Cell Near
Action: Audio –> Silent Mode

This is not very accurate though, and you can use GPS (Context: Location) instead for this. Warning: It may use more battery.

7. Forward/Block Certain Calls During a Certain Time Period (At night?)

Context: Time –> 00:00 AM to 6:00 AM
Action: Phone –> Call Divert (or Block)

8. Shake to Control your Phone

Context: Event –> Misc. –> Gestures

Gestures can only record accelerometer gestures, like tilting of phone towards right or left. To record a simple gesture, hold the device and long press the volume up key. Tilt it, press volume up key. Then tilt back to the final position. Again, long-press the volume up key. Everytime you’ll feel a vibration. You get the idea now, go on and experiment with gestures.

Action: Add whatever you want. Like if you wanna control music, add this:
Media –> Media Control

image9. Enable Silence Mode by Turning down your Phone (and do other stuffs as well)

Context: State –> Orientation –> Face Down
Action: Audio –> Silent Mode

10. Send Scheduled SMS (like Birthday Wishes?)

Context: 1) Day
2) Time

Action: Phone –> Send SMS.

Number: Anything you wish.
Message: “Happy Birthdayyy Anu! :D”

11. Scale Up/Down CPU Speed at Different Times

Yeah I know, there’s SetCPU app for under/over clocking CPU but it cannot be used to scale up or down when specific apps are launched or during a certain time period. So here’s how this can be achieved with Tasker. This is a very advanced profile and relatively long as well.

  1. You’ll need 2 apps for this profile: Locale Execute plug-in (free) and a terminal editor such as the Android Terminal Emulator. Download them from the link given and install ‘em.
  2. Download this script and save it to your sdcard.
  3. Open up the terminal editor and type these lines:
    mkdir /data/local/bin
    mv /sdcard/ /data/local/bin/setcpu
    chmod 755 /data/local/bin/setcpu

5) Now, Create multiple profiles, categorized like:

  • Display off: “CPU LOW” (Context: Event –> Display –> Display Off)
  • Playing a game: “CPU HIGH” (Context: Application)
  • Battery > 50%: “CPU MED” (Context: State –> Battery Level)

Then, in each of them, execute the Locale Execute plugin the script in the following format:

/data/local/bin/setcpu <min> <max> <scaling type>
e.g.:  “setcpu 200000 800000 ondemand” will set my cpu speed to 200Mhz at minimum and 800Mhz at most with the scaling type as “ondemand”. In most of the kernels, “ondemand” and “performance” are available as the scaling governor.

ondemand – When the CPU load reaches a certain point, ondemand will rapidly scale the CPU up to meet demand, then gradually scale the CPU down when it isn’t needed.

performance – It will keep the CPU running at the “max” set value at all times for best performance. (via)

(Credits to clvv for this tip)

image12. Automatically Respond to SMS when you’re Busy (or when Phone is Docked)

Context: Time –> Select a time during which you usually sleep.

Action: Phone –> Send SMS

Number:  “%SMSRF”, Message: “Sorry I’m busy right now, will catch you later”.

When the Phone is Docked

You can add extra tasks such as make your phone say out the sender’s name, message body etc.:

Action: Misc. > Say. Add some text and an Engine: Voice. Tap the Search icon to choose one.

(Variables: %SMSRF / %SMSRN / %SMSRB / %SMSRD / %MMSRS / %SMSRT

The sender address, name, body, date and time of the last text (SMS or MMS) received)

13. Disable Screen Lock when Camera is on (or another app)

Context: Application –> Camera

Action: Display –> Display Timeout (Set the time-out to a high value)

image14. Automatically Change Wallpaper


Context: Select any context, like set a time duration, during which wallpapers would be randomly rotated.

Actions: 1) Variable –> Variable Randomize.

Name – “%PICNO”, Min – 1, Max – 4
2) Display –> Set Wallpaper.
Image – “path/to/wallpapers/picture%PICNO.jpg
3) Tasker –> Wait –> 4 Hours (or any other value)

4) Tasker –> Goto Action –> Number 1

based on weather: Tutorial Link
based on battery level

Take this as my challenge for you. You need to do make this profile on your own.

Hint: State –> Battery Level

image15. Instantly Take a Photo without waiting for Camera to launch

In life, some “perfect” moments will never wait for us to take our camera and shoot it. So here’s how you can create a shortcut on your home-screen to instantly take a photograph.

Long-press on the Home-screen > Shortcuts > Task

Action: Media –> Photo Series Time (So that new photos don’t overwrite the previous one and every new photo will have the time attached with its name.)

If discrete is checked, there will be no sign of the picture being taken.

16. Use it as a Location Based Reminder Tool

Context: Location

Action: Phone –> Send SMS.

Number: Add your own number

Message: “You gotta buy Milk dude!”

You also need to add a time for this. Tap the context again to add another context:

Time –> Due Time. Done!

Share your Secret Profile / Got a Problem?

If you’re either using a handy profile (not listed in this post) that makes your daily life easier or got any problem while using the profiles I mentioned above, I would be really happy to hear from you. Drop in a comment below!

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