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DarkMaze is an Addictive Maze Game for Android (Must Download)

September 23rd, 2011 by

darkmaze  darkmaze

Ever heard of Labyrinth? It’s a box with a maze on top with holes, and a steel marble where you need to make way towards the end by tilting the box, without letting it fall into any hole. A team, ZOMG Game Studio aims to bring this classic game back to Android with his game – DarkMaze.

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It’s a game very similar to a labyrinth, full of deadly traps, lasers, canons, spikes and fog of war. It’s a dark, pooirly illuminated maze where you can’t see the whole map, you’ll instead have to discover areas of the map. I usually don’t play games because they often get me hooked for hours (and I’m super busy with my college atm) and without forgetting to mention, this game did the same thing.

Thanks to XDA for letting me know about this game. By the way, XDA says this game will remind you of the HTC Teeter game built for Windows Mobile. Do you remember it? Me neither (:P). Okay Let’s move on, download it here:

Download: DarkMaze (Free, 3.6 MB)

P.S.: If you get stuck in the 6th level, roll the ball to the extreme right and then tilt your phone downwards.

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