Download VLC Player Android, Unofficially

vlc player android

VLC Media Player is probably the best media player for Windows, specially for videos. It plays almost all the media files I throw at it. But our android-verse is yet to have this. Though, Austen, a software developer has compiled his own build of vlc player android.

It has a very neat interface with all the basic functions one would want from a media player. Switching between videos and music is easy with a touch. It played well most of the videos that I tried on it and songs as well.

It plays virtually any video/audio file. AKA if it runs on android, no need to re-encode videos anymore.

There are two versions: NEON and Non-NEON. Now what the heck is NEON? The difference is in the processor type. Open up a file manager and locate “/proc/cpuinfo”. If you see the word NEON in there, you’ll have to use the NEON build.

before you install VLC, note that:
  • It won’t play full HD videos (1080p) perfectly
  • The tabs, other than songs, don’t work in Music section, like the albums, genres tab etc.
  • It crashes often (on my Galaxy S2)
  • Shuffle & Repeat don’t work as of now.
  • Album arts don’t show up
  • Lock feature doesn’t work in videos. (Not the phone lock button)

But hey, this is just a pre-release version, right? It’ll improve in the coming future as long as the developer doesn’t kill this project. I hope the developer keeps on working on this project, and updates all the features needed, oh and a widget as well, I want that on my homescreen. I wonder what happens if he makes it perfect and adds an option to stream media from PC as well? It would then become the best media player for android! 😀

By the way, if you wish to stream media from PC right now, VLC Direct is the a good option. It can stream videos and music from your PC (and vice-versa as well!). However, there are other media streaming apps from PC to android also, which you can check out. Let us know what you feel about vlc player android.