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Save, Organize and do a lot more with Springpad on iOS 5

October 28th, 2011 by

iOS 5 has brought in a lot many cool features, it will be interesting to see how developers put them to use in the Apps. Some Apps have already begun harnessing the power of iOS 5, One such being Springpad. Springpad has been one of the top apps for organizing and sharing ever since its launch.

The folks at Springpad have brought in the new notifications centre on iOS 5 into use, via send to phone feature. With a single click, you can send something from the Springpad web app directly to your iPhone’s notification centre, where you can open it up in the mobile app with a touch. This way you can save and organize not just your digital life but your real world as well.

Further, you can also, send maps, directions, reminders, etc to your device with a simple click. Couldn’t complete a work on your desktop? No worries, You can continue with your unfinished work on your iphone/ipod with Springpad.

Whats more you can add in multiple devices to the app. So you can share anything with your family or friend; be it maps, directions, product ideas, bookmarks, note-reminders, and anything for that matter.

Have a look at this demo video:-

Give it a try

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