Few really useful but little known features of Google Web Search

Google has more or less become an integral part of our life, largely because it helps us to find whatever we wish for on the web. Most of the times it is successful in leading us to the right website but some times we fail to get the appropriate search results.

You can’t really blame Google for it because in such cases, it’s us who aren’t using the right keywords. There are few features of Google web search which can really help you to land up on the search result you precisely desired for. Sadly not every one is aware of it.

Few of these features are in line with Google’s principle of showing the desired result on the same page so that the user doesn’t have to leave the page.


Search by file type

Did you know you can directly search for specific types of files, such as PDFs, PPTs, or XLS? All you got to do is add filetype: and the 3-letter file abbreviation.
example:- mobile features filetype:ppt


Find related pages

Liked a website, but couldn’t get enough and wish to find more of such websites? Use the related: operator by typing related: followed by the website address.
example:- related:techsplurge.com/apple/

Let Google fill in the blanks

Not sure what keyword to search for precisely? No worries, asterisk * will come in handy. Put it in a phrase or question you want completed and Google will fill in the blanks for you.
example:- I’ll follow you * you * me


Search for an exact phrase

Know exactly what you want? Google can precisely lead you to that result. Just put quotation marks around words “[any word]” to search for an exact phrase in an exact order. Keep in mind that searching with quotes might exclude relevant results.
example:- “google features”


Search within a specific site

What search results to be limited to only a particular site? All you got to do is, precede your query with site: if you know you want your answer from within a specific site or type of site (.org, .edu). For example: site:edu or site:nytimes.com.
example:- op-ed site:techsplurge.com


Include or ignore common words and characters

Highlight common words and characters such as the and & if they are essential to your search (as in a movie or book title) by putting quotation marks “the” around them. You can also use the minus – sign to specify particular items you don’t want in your results, like ingredients in a recipe.
example:- techsplurge apps -android

 rangeSearch for numbers in a range

Wish the search results showed only items within your budget? You can do so by putting a string .. between amounts. You can narrow your search by mentioning a particular number range, type .. then a space, then the numbers in your range.
example:- cars “200.. horsepower” or  Samsung smartphone $300..$500


Get recipes

After searching for a specific recipe or ingredients, select “Recipes” in the left panel to see recipe results.
example:- peanut butter broccoli noodles


Search for all similar termssimilar

You can get results that include synonyms by placing the ~ sign immediately in front of your search term.
example:- twitter ~iOS apps


Convert any measurement

Convert any measurement — like miles to kilometers or ounces to liters — by typing in the number and unit of measurement.
example:- miles to km


Track your packages (US Only)package-track

Track your UPS, FedEx, or USPS packages by typing the tracking number directly into the search box. The results will show you the status of your shipment.


Apart from these, you can always use the options available on the left sidebar on the search page. Using More option will help you refine your search.

Hope this helps!