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Download Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Theme pack for Windows 7

November 26th, 2011 by

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is creating a new wave of excitement among its Android fans and users alike, for its amazing features. The new build, apart from bringing new features, aims to unify the tablet and smartphone OS to one.

If you want to transform your Windows 7 desktop to Ice Cream Sandwich you can try this stunning transformation pack by a DeviantArt user, hameddanger.

ICS theme for Windows 7

The theme is installed using Skin Pack installer which makes installation of themes easily without interfering with system files.

The Transformation Pack contains:

  • Rocket dock
  • Android boot and login screen
  • Custom (Android styled) metallic icon sets
  • ICS Wallpapers
  • ICS theme

Download: Online Installer: 32 bit: link | 64 bit: link

Offline (standalone) installer: 32 bit: link 64 bit: link 

Note that the online installer contains an annoying spam toolbar, which is pretty irritating. Be sure to not to select it while installing.

The installation can be done two ways:

  1. Using online installer : This downloads the skin pack online, irons out any compatibility issue in your PC before installing.
  2. Using offline installer : This installation method is way easier and allows to customize the skin. I encountered no hassles with this method.This method is recommended. The highlights of the skin is the really drool worthy boot screen, metallic icon set and the funky Rocket Dock.

to uninstall the theme you may to use  the skin pack tools from here. It was not required in my PC weirdly though.


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    1. Ganesh

      Hi Sampath You should be able to remove it using the skin pack tools which I have linked at the end of the article, though while I was using it, I did not actually require it to remove it completely

    1. Ganesh

      Hi hitender if you already have it, then it will just overwrite the installation, while theoretically doable, i recommend you to install the bundle as whole for a more coherent experience

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