Recover Deleted Files on Android with Undelete [App Review]


There are a lot of software for Desktop Operating Systems that can recover deleted files and restore them. Till now, if I wanted to recover something from my Android’s internal storage, I had to connect it through USB to my PC and use a software like Recuva (freeware) to recover it.

Undelete, an application, brings the same mechanism to Android for recovering deleted files from both internal and storage drives. It works quite good and has a very good user interface. While testing, it recovered most of the files, except when I tried to recover files after formatting my card. More about it below.

Quick Features

  • It searches quite quickly. My 12 GB filled internal storage was scanned within 5 minutes. (Depends upon your processor speed too, I’ve a SGS2)
  • Results are grouped by file types for easy filtering.
  • Files can be searched, if the list is too big to scroll.
  • Both internal and external drives can be selected from the home page.
  • Nothing more, it just works.

Instead of just adding some random text and copying images from the market, I’ll test this app myself and describe everything about it to you below, how well it worked and how a recovery works.

Play Store: Undelete (Free)

How Well does it Recover Files on Android? Let’s Test it.

Level One, Normal Deletion – Passed!
The best way to learn about an app is to test it personally. So, I deleted a song from my internal storage card using the file manager. Next, I fired up Undelete app, scanned my storage and searched for that song.

Voila! It found it. Okay so level 1 cleared. Now, let’s try if it can do the same after I format my external SD card.

recuva-recovery-testLevel two, Card Formatted – Failed
I copied a file into my external SD card, formatted it and again launched Undelete. Let’s see if this boy can do it again. I started a scan.. but sadly, Undelete failed this time, while a deep scan with Recuva for Windows did it very easily.

This makes me wonder what could be the cause for this? A limitation of Android or maybe the app needs some more work? Anyways, it’s a first app of its kind and It’ll improve over the time.

How does an App magically restore deleted files?

There’s no *magic* behind it. When you delete a file (either normally or permanently with shift+del.), it doesn’t get actually wiped out from your storage drive. Instead, it’s saved somewhere else, hidden deep inside. It does take space but your drive doesn’t count it.

It remains hidden there till your drive requires storage more space that are occupied by those files and then it starts deletes those hidden files. So till then, your files are in a good state to be recovered. (Correct me if I’m wrong please)

Undelete app works in the same way. It searches for those hidden files, you pick the file you want, it unmounts the storage, does some work to restore them and re-mounts the storage.

Got any more questions/tips/suggestions? Drop in a comment.