What is Carrier IQ Rootkit and How to Remove it

Since the last two days, the whole tech world is busy talking about Carrier IQ rootkit that comes pre-installed in millions of phones (including Android and traces have even been found on iOS!). It is basically a spyware which logs all your activity, every single key-press of yours, messages, websites that you visit and much more, without letting you know, even over a HTTPS network!

First discovered by TrevE, it is a serious issue which needs to removed from phones. Why? Because every single data, including your bank account info, passwords and lots of more sensitive data are being sent to Carrier IQ.

How to Check for Carrier IQ Rootkit in your Android

Download: Logging Test App v7 (Root Required)

  • logging-checkerDownload the Logging Test App app from the above link. (Source)
  • Tap on “CIQ Checks” button.
  • It’ll notify you if Carrier IQ is pre-installed on your phone.
  • You can pay $1 to remove the app if you wish.


  • Just flash a custom ROM.

I ran the app on my SGS2 (International variant) and thankfully, it found no traces of CIQ in it. Thank you, Samsung. Rajesh says he was unable to find the same in some Sony Ericsson phones (Xperia Arc, Play and Mini). Over on XDA, HTC phones owners mostly seem to be infected with it.

On iOS?

HowtoGeek has written a very good guide for it, check it here.