KumoSync allows you to Sync Google Drive with Local Files

When it comes to online office suites, Google Drive needs no introduction and is definitely giving Office 365 a run for its money. MS Office is still the software of choice for many of us when it comes to making documents and there are ways to sync MS Office Documents to Cloud Storage and access them anywhere, but nothing beats the simplicity of Google Drive online.

We want the documents to be on our laptops as much as we want them to be accessible online anywhere so that we can work seamlessly without bothering about the file versions.

We previously mentioned about Nocs that allowed you to sync text files to Google Drive and GDocsDrive that virtually made Google Drive a part of your PC but they had their own limitations. KumoSync aims to overcome those.

KumoSync is a free tool to keep your documents synced right on your desktop. The 2.6 MB download sits quietly in your tray.


Configuring KumoSync:

To start using KumoSync, you need to authenticate your Google account with Kumo Sync, and point to the folder on your computer where all your documents from Google Drive will be synced.

Just clicking the tray icon syncs the documents without any fuss. KumoSync asks for confirmation for deleting files in Drive if you delete the files locally.

What makes KumoSync special is, automatic syncing. KumoSync by default enables auto sync, meaning all your documents are always kept updated.

You can specify overwrite options, proxy settings (if any), auto sync settings and more within the exhaustive settings window.

Kumosync settings

Setting up multiple Google Drive account is a real breeze, as you can see in the screenshot below. Just hit New  and you are done adding a separate account with independent settings!


Few really wonderful features of KumoSync

  • Automatic syncing of Google Drive file to your desktop.
  • You can dedicate a separate partition for syncing Drive on your PC.
  • Easy to manage multiple Google Drive accounts.
  • Its Free.

KumoSync works well with any version of Windows (XP and above). It is lightweight and does not bog down your PC as one would normally expect.

Kumosync needs .Net Framework 3.5. You can download it here if you don’t already have it.

Download: Kumosync

All in all it is a must have application for any Google Drive user. Also check out our favorite free cloud storage options.