To Samsung: Honey, you are killing your Customers

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If there’s one big thing that Android phone manufacturers are doing since the birth of Android, it is their update policy. Recently, Samsung clarified that their second-most-popular-phone-ever will not be getting any taste of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Why? Because Samsung says it’s not possible for them to deliver an ICS update packed with their Touchwiz 3.0 UI.

Probable Reasons?

  1. You want your customers to buy newer phones.
  2. It’s really not possible to update Galaxy S to ICS.

Both of them are possible, but the first one sounds more reasonable.

I know that providing pure Google experience on phones is not possible for any Company. It’s their User Interface that differentiates their phones from others. Phones can have similar specifications but not their UIs.

But when your phone cannot pack both ICS and Touchwiz, why not simply provide a stock experience to your users? This way you’ll win your customers and you can also use the tagline “Fastest updates, always” for your flagship phones. This is what Sony Ericsson is doing, by planning to bring ICS to its 14 phones as compared to Samsung’s only 7 of similar specifications.

What can Samsung do now?

The answer is simple, just make an announcement that you’re going to release an ICS update for Galaxy S without Touchwiz and I’m sure you’ll gain at-least a million applauders. That’s the way it should be done, Sammy.

But sigh.. I wonder if this will ever happen.

Still want ICS on your Galaxy S?

XDA to the rescue! Several developers there are working hard to bring the deliciousness of Ice Cream Sandwich to the Galaxy S and the ported builds are quite stable to use.

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  1. Tommytrc says

    Android manufactures have an issue. They are making new handsets as fast as they can, in so many varieties they can’t keep up with updating them all. It’s all about resource dollars. They COULD upgrade them all to ICS if they wanted, but then why put in the energy and money. The sad truth is that once the phone is out the door, its all but forgotten upgrade wise.On to the next model to bring in more money. It can’t be about the customer experience, it’s about the bank account.

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