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Your Ultimate Guide for Following CES 2012 even if you weren’t Invited

January 8th, 2012 by

Consumer Electronics Show 2012, an event where various companies feature their latest software and hardware products, has almost started. Although, scheduled to to run from January 10th to 13th for 4 days, CES 2012 has already begun on 8th Jan. with various announcements, press-events etc. and we’re as excited as you are for the event as you’re 😉

If rumors are to be believed, several new thinner tablets, faster phones, ultra-thin TVs, ultrabooks and much more are going to be unveiled.

The show is an invite-only event. So, if you weren’t on the invited list (like me), here’s a quick guide on how you can keep yourself updated about everything that happens in the upcoming show.

Blogs to Follow

These are some of my favorites with whom I’ll be sticking too with this week.

On Google+

Robert Scoble a.k.a. ‘Scobleizer’ has made a circle on Google+ with his favorite, hand-picked bloggers who will be covering the event. Add these people in your circle on G+:

Live Webcasts of Keynotes in CES 2012

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
Jan 9 at 6:30pm –
What to expect? Windows 8 announcements, tablets etc.

This would be MS’s last keynote and booth at CES, the reason being the misalignment of their product news milestones and the event’s January timing.







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