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Send postcards the easy way using Postcard On The Run app [iOS and Android App]

January 12th, 2012 by


Remember those days, when there was no phone/email and you had to send letters/postcards to your loved ones, just to let them know you are fine or away on a vacation? Though a time consuming process, it had it’s own sweetness.

Much of it is lost now, thanks to the email and social networking websites like Facebook. Just update a status and everyone gets the news.

But still if you fancy the old way or just want to give it a try, you can do so easily right from your iPhone or Android phone, thanks to Postcard on the Run App.
You can use any photo on your Phone or on Facebook for your postcard. Type the message you want to appear on the back of your card and stylize it the way you want. You can also sign on the card using your finger.

Additionally, you can also add a GPS map of where you took the picture to the back of the postcard and a scent to your card like fresh baby powder or even an Ocean Breeze.

That’s it. What would have normally taken a day, is done easily right from the comfort of your Phone.

Check out this video:-

Download: App Store

Download: Android Market

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  1. Tina

    Upload error' and no clue whatsoever. There suolhd be more info imho. When it works it works fine although having to delete the line enter tweet' is a bit annoying. I'd like to see an empty tweet here or the ability to use a template' with i.e. time, date, location.

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