Noobs Guide to install CyanogenMod 9 (Android ICS) on HP TouchPad in 7 Easy Steps

HP-TouchPad-androidI am one of those lucky few who got my hands on the Firesale of HP TouchPad. Though WebOS is a great operating system, it lack of many apps and an uncertain future are the major concerns. I had begun to doubt my decision of buying TouchPad.

Though HP had offered support to developers for bringing Android to TouchPad, it was more of a verbal support in the past. But since webOS became Open Source, the work really caught up pace.

As always, CyanogenMod were the ones to make the most out of this. They initially teased us with a sneak preview of a TouchPad running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Today they have released the codes to install CM 9 on your touchpad which brings ICS to your TP. So it’s a great news for all the TP and Android fans.

Though CM7 was successful in bringing Android to TP, but those android versions, unlike ICS, weren’t really tablet friendly. Most of the features of ICS are working on CM9, I have mentioned the ones that don’t work at the end of this post.

Without further ado, let me take you through a quick tutorial to install CM 9 on your TouchPad.

1) Download the necessary Files

First you need to download 4 important files. (found at rootzwiki)

New ACMEInstaller(do not use old installer with CM9):

md5: e0664157ed69f8999e1c3ee77cdc53ae

Clockwork Recovery:

md5: 1308300f38685d44afde730efd9132cc


Alpha0 CM9 for Touchpad:



md5: 8e0e56d67bf8d24df0792fc3d4c4fd6b

2) Install Novacom Drivers

I recommend installing the Universal Novacom Driver that can be found here , you can also install the full webOS SDK supplied by HP.

Now copy ACMEInstaller file to

Drive(C) >> Program Files >> Palm, Inc

3) Connect your TP to your PC in USB mode and Create a folder on your TP named “cminstall”

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4) Copy the 3 files (Alpha0 CM9,Clockwork Recovery,Moboot) to “cminstall”

5) Eject your TP (right click on the drive and select Eject)

6) Go to setting and have your TP restarted.

As soon as the restart process starts (flashing circle appears) hold the Volume UP button, don’t let go until you see a big USB symbol on tablet’s display.

This makes your TP USB bootable.

Now wait while the novacom installs the drivers for the device.

7) Once successfully installed, open CMD (command prompt)

Now go to the folder:- Palm, Inc where we saved the ACMEInstaller

So finally you should be in this directory:-

C:\\Program Files\\Palm, Inc>

Type this command:-

novacom boot mem:// <ACMEInstaller

This command initiates the installation process on the Touchpad.


And you are good to go!

Wait while the installation completes and ICS should start after reboot.

The first boot may take a while and it way reboot 2-3 times as well (Don’t panic).


What’s Not Working

As I said previously, most of the features of ICS work fine, here are a few of those which don’t work.

  • Netflix
  • YouTube works only in non-HD videos.
  • Audio has few issues and the microphone does not work.
  • Camera
  • Market filters prevent some apps from being installed
  • Gapps intended for CM7/Gingerbread will not work in CM9/ICS
  • USB file transfers use MTP or PTP in Ice Cream Sandwich and Honeycomb.

But I am sure no-one is complaining! Have fun πŸ™‚

I will leave you with a few screenshots I took of my own TP.

With ICS on TP, I am glad I bought it during the firesale!