[Tip] How to Restrict Internet Connectivity to Certain Applications in Android

An Android phone hogs internet data much more than a normal phone. This is particularly because of all the background stuff going on like syncing contacts, photos, instant messages, social network updates, email and much more.

Some people might like to limit the connectivity to certain applications, the reasons being several like one our readers, ChrisPy. But Android doesn’t have any feature to do it apart from a new feature to monitor data usage in Ice Cream Sandwich. This can only be done through third-party apps on the market.

avast! Mobile Security and Internet Firewall are two of my favorite applications to do this job. They act like a firewall which restricts the connectivity to particular apps, just like in your PC. These two apps are super easy to use but there’s one catch – your phone needs to be rooted.


While avast! is a full featured anti-malware suite for Android including Firewall, SMS and Call Filter etc., Internet Firewall is just a tiny app to get the job done, nothing else. One way in which avast! excels over all other similar applications is its ability to block data connectivity while roaming too. Grab these two apps on the market.

avast! Mobile Security
Internet Firewall