Android Assistant has 18 features to manage your device efficiently

Android Assistant

Like any operating system, Android needs to be put through its share of cache cleaning, removing old programs and overall system cleaning to keep it functioning smoothly. Although, there are various apps that provide you with one or the other function, Android Assistant stands apart by offering not just 1 or 2, but 18 useful functions within one app.

The main window of the app displays a system monitor in which the CPU, RAM, battery and storage statistic are displayed in easy to understand pie charts. Underneath it are two buttons – Quick Boost and remove ads. Quick boost kills background processes to free up RAM giving your phone an instant boost in performance, hence the name.

The process tab shows the various apps running on your Android device along with how much CPU and RAM are they consuming. You can select the apps that you do not want running and close them using the Kill selected button at the bottom. There is also an option to sort the apps by name or in order of how much CPU/RAM they are consuming.

The third tab – Tools gives you access to the remaining 13 features. You have an advanced volume control, Ring profiles, Cache Cleaner, System clean, File manager, Batch app installer, App backup, System info, Apps 2 SD, Startup Manager and much more.


In the Android Assistant settings you can choose the app to auto start when the phone is restarted. You can also set an auto boost function to run after a selected time that will kill any unused program running in the background to prevent your phone from slowing down. You can also set the phone to startup or shutdown the phone without any audio notification via the silent startup setting.

Android Assistant also provides widgets and shortcuts that can be added on the homescreen of your device for quick boost and cleaning function of the phone.


  1. Monitor status
  2. Process Manager
  3. Cache Cleaner
  4. System Clean
  5. Save Battery Settings
  6. File Manager
  7. Startup Manager
  8. Batch Uninstall
  9. Battery use
  10. Volume Control
  11. Ringer
  12. Startup Time
  13. Startup Silent
  14. System Info
  15. Widgets for Quick Booster/ Shortcuts
  16. App 2 SD (Android 2.2 +)
  17. Batch Installation
  18. App backup and restore

Play Store: Android Assistant