Best 5 PDF to Word Converter freeware Download

PDF to Word Converter freeware
In this article we will deal with the Best 5 PDF to Word Converter freeware Download. PDFs are very important part and parcel of the business world. Not everyone is comfortable working with PDF format, needless to say editing a PDF file needs special softwares which aren’t commonly available with everyone. So the best way would be to have these files converted into Word (doc) format, as Microsoft Word is kind of omnipresent. This makes editing them very easy.

Though there are a number of online services that help convert pdf to word, you need to upload the files everytime which can be time consuming and a costly affair if you stay in a third world country where internet is still costly and a rare entity.

So the best option would be to get PDF to Word Converter freeware Download. You need not have to buy any software, unless you totally into it and need advanced features. While you can’t expect the freely available softwares to be perfect, they have their own shortcomings. But they do a decent job converting PDF to word.

List of Best 5 PDF to Word Converter freeware Download

PDF to Word Converter freeware Download from SmartSoft

A free, fully functional desktop-based PDF to Word program that produces excellent results.
It has a pretty simple interface which allows single-click conversions, drag and drop files in batch. The converted Word doc is as good as the PDF file.
The only downside is that the text is handled via floating windows, no continuous editable stream makes editing large documents cumbersome.

Wondershare PDF to Word

It’s a simple, free utility that converts PDFs to Word documents, either one by one or in batches. It preserves all of a document’s layout and formatting, which saves a lot of time when reusing content. It’s compatible with most versions of Windows from XP to Vista, but it only runs in 32-bit editions of Windows 7.
You can opt to create converted files in the source directory or browse to a different target folder.

Nemo PDF to Word

This lets you convert your PDF files to well-formatted and editable Word/RTF in seconds. After conversion, the original text, images, tables, columns, graphics and other formats are well saved in the generated files. It supports batch conversion and partial conversion, greatly saving your time.

Download: Nemo PDF to Word

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter

Convert PDF to Word and preserve the original layout of your PDF in an editable Word Document.


  • Extract text labels, graphics, shapes from PDF file into Word Doc file
  • Convert all the pages, or partial pages of PDF file to Word file
  • Support Adobe PDF 1.0 – 1.6 formats

Some PDF to Word Converter

Another free desktop-based PDF to Word conversions program. It offers some control over how the PDF will be processed.
It is pretty flexible handling of text, fast but when it comes to images and formatting it performs poorly.

PS. This list of PDF to Word Converter freeware Download is not necessarily rank wise.

Do feel free to add to this list ofPDF to Word Converter freeware download.

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