Download Google Books Online for Free with Bookworm [Invite Code Inside]

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how to download google books

Google Books is maybe the worlds largest online books database with over 15+ million digitally scanned books. If you’ve ever wondered how to download Google Books, you’ll seldom find some really nifty utility to accomplish the task.

Bookworm, is a web service which lets users download Google Books as PDF files is totally free. Currently Bookworm is in beta, but the site is making impressive progress in a really short span of time so we decided to check it out.

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How does it work?

In Google Books, some books are viewable in “Limited Preview”. Of course you can not download these books. There is a catch in this though. In each region, the viewable pages in the limited previews are different. Bookworm cashes on this fact and tries to aggregate all the pages from all regions, later building them into one single PDF file. Sounds neat right?

How to Download Google Books as PDF?

The interface of the site is fairly clean and well organized. You can start downloading the books simply by dropping the URL of  the book you need.

download google books as pdf

The site categorizes the books currently being downloaded , and those which are done. Though one thing which we noticed was, there was considerable time taken to download the books. Although the homepage itself claims that this currently is an issue and they are improving the scenario.

how to download google books

You can start building the books from the downloaded pages once the entire download is finished, or even partially (if you are one of those impatient types). This feature is really outstanding which is missing in many utilities. If you’re wondering how to download google books as PDF files, bookworm lets you do that too!

Sounds good, I want to try


Before you rush out to give Bookworm a try, mind that it is still rough around the edges.   But considering it has already hit Beta stage in just a month and the rapid phase of development, we are a bit lenient here. There are couple of issues we would like to highlight

  • As mentioned earlier some books do take really long time to download, we hope the developers fix this issue soon.
  • Even if the book is imageavailable in limited preview, the complete book sometimes could not be downloaded and the site gave the message above.

Currently the service is currently in invite only form. Luckily we have lots of invite codes which you can use while signing up for Bookworm:

[star] Invite Code: dd8456d5c42ff6c7b5fb [/star]

So next time someone asks your advice on how to download google books as pdf, recommend him Bookworm!

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  1. Cloudy says

    Ha, it tells me

    “Book added successfully. You’ll receive an email notification on finish. Usually book downloading takes 5-10 days to complete.”

    I could buy the book and have it delivered by then!!

  2. says

    haha, well that may be true in case of some books, but you can not find many the books available on google books 😉
    anyway I would forgive the site because its very new and undergoing heavy development…. We would expect the site devs to sit up and take notice about the tortoise speed

  3. absconditus says

    Do you now if it is up under a different name? Or if it has turned invite only – I read here that it was, but it was not when I signed up? Or if there is a similar service, even if paid?
    It was great while it lasted, helped a lot with my research (and finances :) )

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