[iOS App] TouchDocs lets you view, edit and manage Google Docs on iPhone the easy way

Google Docs is probably the best online office suite, but accessing it from a mobile device can be inconvenient at times. iPhone / iPad Users can now view, edit and manage Google Docs easily thanks to TouchDocs.

TouchDocs makes accessing Google Docs on iPhone very easy and convenient. It tries to integrate all the features of Google Docs into its interface, providing maximum functionality. At the same time, it’s UI is pretty simple and easy to work with.


Here are few highlights of TouchDocs

  • Wide variety of file types are supported (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, images, movies, and audio)
  • Documents and spreadsheets can be edited via Google’s mobile web editor directly from within the app
  • Files are automatically downloaded to the app so they are always available even offline
  • You can rename, delete, and star files
  • Files can be e-mailed or printed to a AirPrint-compatible printer, as well as exported or imported from other apps
  • New documents and spreadsheets can be created and uploaded to Google Docs
  • Search directly for file using full-text search

If you are a person who needs to access your documents on the go, then TouchDocs is a must have app for you.

Priced at 3.99$, it may sound expensive; but it’s worth every penny if you want to make the most of Google Docs on iPhone.

I was lucky to grab hold of it when it was still 0.99$ at launch! 🙂

Download: TouchDocs