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Goodbye Android Market, Say Hello to Google Play

March 7th, 2012 by

Google Play

Android Market, Books, Music and Movies – Google believes it all was messed up. Instead of having it all under one roof, they all were spread on different markets. Want to buy music? Open the Music app. Want to read/buy Books? Shoot up another app and this was same for others too.

Now, Google has rebranded its Market to a new name, Google Play in its intention to unify things. It is a one-stop place entertainment hub for everything you need on your phone – apps, movies, games, music and books. An updated app is on its way and will take little time to reach our handsets though.

If you don’t live in the US (or UK, Canada, Japan, Australia) then you might not see any radical changes other than the logo rename in the website. Still, if you’re very curious, open up a proxy website such as HideMyAss and hit Google Play to view it as a visitor from the US. Lazy visitors, here’s your direct link.

The name, Google Play is slightly less-straightforward than Android Market. I believe the previous ‘Market’ name was easier to understand for those who’re either new to Android or the smartphone world. It’ll surely confuse new users. But at the same time, Google Play sounds really good as a brand name.

Oh wait. There’s also a sale going on to welcome the new brand 😉 Google is offering 25 of its hand-picked apps and games for just 49 cents in its “Play Our Favorites” sale. Yepp, you’ve heard it right, Google is back with another sale after its 10-days-10-cents sale. Go Androids, Attack the Market!

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