HOW TO: Batch Convert FLAC to MP3 in Just a Click

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to batch convert FLAC to MP3 using Switch, a completely free flac to mp3 converter for personal use.

There are about hundreds of audio formats available supported by different handheld media players like iPod, PMPs, smartphones and media applications in computers. One of such formats is FLAC. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. According to Wikipedia, it can compress digital audio by reducing the its size by up to 50-60% of its original size without losing the quality.

When you’ve a big library of music on your computer, this reduction in size can save several Mega-Bytes of your space. But when it comes to hand-held music players such as iPod, PMPs or smartphones, support for FLAC format is meager. That’s why we feel the need to flac files to mp3.

How to Batch Convert flac to mp3

batch convert flac to mp3

First of all, download Switch from the following link. It’s a tiny 500 KB sized freeware that lets you batch convert flac to mp3 and is very simple to use. Then, install it and run the software.

Next, drag-and-drop the .flac files which you want to convert into mp3 files. Choose Output format to mp3. You may also wish to change the output folder and few advanced output options such as Compression level, Sample Rate, Channels etc. by clicking on the Encoder Options button.


Click on convert! Wait till it converts the file, you can then click on Open Output Folder to see your converted mp3 file(s).

Other Advantages of Switch Converter

The biggest advantage of Switch is that it is completely free for personal usage. It can out-perform many other paid software in terms of features, support for file formats and portability.

  • It can convert various other formats and not just FLAC or MP3 such as AMR, OGG, WAV, WPL, WMA etc.
  • It can extract audio from a video.
  • Supports batch conversion of files.

For commercial usage, you’ll have to buy the software from here.

Alternatives for Batch Converting flac to mp3

There are few other alternatives to Switch which will help you to convert flac files to mp3. The first freeware, which lets you batch convert flac to mp3 is Freemake Audio Converter. It has got a nice user interface with slightly less support for file formats and customizable options than Swtich.

fre:ac which is also a free audio converter that lets you convert flac to mp3 in batch mode along with other formats too. Further, it can automatically fetch artist and title information from the internet. But it has a big disadvantage of having a very anti-user friendly user interface.

For me, after trying out several converters, Switch was the best way to batch convert flac to mp3. If you know of any better alternative, do let me know by leaving a comment.