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Download Windows 8 Metro Theme for Your Windows 7 Desktop

April 11th, 2012 by

Like it or not, Metro is definitely the talk of the town. While some really love the Windows 8 tiled UI for Metro, there are many among us who want the Metro feel,  without adding any unnecessary bloat to your desktop. The Metro Skin pack concept by Hamed does just that elegantly. While being extremely light the skin pack does a great job of bringing the Metro feel to your Windows desktop.

windows 8 metro theme

The Metro Concept Theme for Windows, hovers around the feel of Windows 8 Metro based interface adapted to the traditional desktop. The theme contains the following goodies to begin with

  • Stardock Tiles
  • Metro Style Icon Set
  • Windows 8 Logon and Boot screen
  • Metro Style Taskbar and Explorer theme
  • Extra Cursors
  • Wallpaper

The Installation and After thoughts

Unlike many themes which require you to replace your system files by hand, (quite a pain ) this one requires just a few clicks  to get up and running. The theme is surprisingly light at only 9 MB. Surprisingly unlike many Freeware these days, this one does not install any adware on your PC after installation. You can also specify the components

Download: Metro Concept Skin Pack: 32-bit | 64-bit (9 MB) 

To change the boot screen successfully, you’ll have to run the installer file as an administrator. (Right-click the installer and choose the “Run as administrator” option.

The boot screen although does not mimic Windows 8 Consumer / Developer Preview exactly, looks definitely cool. boot screen metro concept theme

The theme in itself is delightfully minimal. The metro styled aero theme grows on you instantly. The icon set although a tad bright gels with the desktop quite well. The highlight of the skinpack is of course Stardock Tiles. The theme also installs the Skinpack menu which lets you Reinstall or Uninstall the theme.

One of the things that really impresses you, the excellent blend of Metro styled icons and fonts into the Windows 7 Explorer. The result is visually stunning to say the least.

windows 7 explorer metro theme

Those who want to show off Windows 8 logo all over your system will be more than pleased with this.

windows 8 metro theme logo

Uninstallation : Just run the Uninstall option from the Skinpack Menu. The theme will be completely removed without any traces.

I found the default wallpaper quite bland to be honest. You could try the Windows 8 Beta Fish wallpaper to match your desktop more to the theme. Get the wallpaper here

Also check out the Mac OS X theme for Windows and Android Ice Cream Sandwich Skin theme for Windows.

(11) Comments

  1. fe

    hey Ganesh, i got problem after installing this... i can't boot, maybe i forgot to run the installation as administrator... have idea for this Ganesh? thanks

      1. Ganesh

        Hi fe Could you tell in a bit detail like what was the problem you experienced and how did you fix it? It would help our readers :) By the way the only problem would be Theme Resource Changer.. but I did not experience any problems in either 64 or 32 bit installations

        1. fe

          Hi Ganesh, first thing I did was enter safe mode... then uninstall the theme... after that reinstall the theme, just uncheck the BootScreen... thats all, this theme run well on my 64bit pc now.. i really like the theme... thanks and sorry for my bad english,

  2. X10006

    I just download this skin pack but i’m getting error after install it. Booting successfully but monitor being blackscreen. blink continuosly. I tried uninstall using safe mode but i can’t login again in normal mode. I use repair mode and restoring windows. FInally I can login again. I wanna know with my case…

    1. Ganesh

      Hi thari Could you please explain what exactly made you format because of the theme? As I mentioned in the article, the safest way to install the theme is to deselect the boot screen and login screen while installing the theme.

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