WhatsApp for PC – Send and Receive Messages Straight from your Computer

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular cross-platform mobile messaging application, which is currently available for most of the major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and even Symbian.

However, an official Whatsapp PC  desktop client is currently not available and will most likely never be available since mobile platforms have been the core focus of the company. But is there any indirect way of using WhatsApp for PC? Yes.


Steps for running WhatsApp for PC

BlueStacks is a free application for Windows that can run applications such as WhatsApp for Android on Windows and that too, more smoothly than the official Android emulator. In this Tutorial we’ll be using BlueStacks for running Whatsapp on PC. So, before we start, download a copy of BlueStacks on your computer:

Download: BlueStacks (99 MB)

Step 1. Installing BlueStacks

So now when you’ve downloaded BlueStacks somewhere in your computer, install it. After the installation part is finished, open it on your PC. This is how it should look on your desktop:

BlueStacks Home

Step 2. Downloading and Installing WhatsApp for PC

At the center of the application, there’s a search bar. Type “WhatsApp” and hit the Find button. A couple of search results will show up including some irrelevant ones too. Since we’re only interested in Whatsapp PC application, click on WhatsApp and hang on for a while until the download is completed. It will be automatically installed after the completion of download.

searching whatsapp for pc on bluestacks

whatsapp pc download

Now, open WhatsApp. You will be greeted with a beautiful floral splash screen. Next, click on Agree and Continue button.

Step 3. Activating WhatsApp

In WhatsApp, your mobile number is your unique identity with which people can find you on WhatsApp. So, WhatsApp requires that it verifies your ownership of your number. Choose your country and enter your mobile number. Right now, it thinks that you’re using a mobile phone and will send an SMS to your number from its web server. Upon receiving the SMS in your inbox, your mobile number would be verified.

Choose your Country and Enter your Mobile Number

Whoa, but wait! How the heck are you going to receive an SMS on a computer? Now, here comes the tricky part. We’ll take the alternative route – voice verification. WhatsApp will wait for five minutes expecting the SMS to arrive on your computer (duh!) and then prompt for an alternate way for verification. Grab a popcorn and watch the timer until it reaches zero.


Step 5. Fooling WhatsApp

After reaching zero, WhatsApp will prompt for voice verification. Click on Call Mebutton. WhatsApp will dial your phone and you will hear an automated message with a 3-digit verification code, note it down and enter it on WhatsApp. Your number will now be verified, Congratulations!


On the second screen enter your Name and hit enter. Now, we’ve got one final problem to deal with – Adding contacts.

Step 6. Adding Contacts

For adding new contacts, hit the menu button present in lower right corner and choose Contacts.

How to add a new contact

Enter the name and mobile (WhatsApp) number of your friend who is also present on WhatsApp. For them, having a WhatsApp PC client is unnecessary.

Enjoy Your Un-Official WhatsApp PC Client


And we’re done! Enjoy WhatsApp on your desktop. I wish there was an official WhatsApp PC client, but still, this is the best workaround you can find. Drop a comment below if you encounter any problem while setting up WhatsApp for PC.