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11 Amazing Features of Samsung Galaxy S III That Will Blow You Away

May 3rd, 2012 by

The wait is finally over and the Samsung Galaxy S III has been launched. The phone is a beast in terms of hardware specifications. Further, this time the company has put more focus on the its interface rather than just bumping hardware specs with lots of amazing new features.

However, A lot of people can be seen crying about being disappointed by the next Galaxy. I wonder what they had expected from the phone? A 10-inch screen or an Octa-core processor or a 20MP camera or the ability to turn rocks into gold?

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Anyway, here are the best features about the S III which I think are truly amazing:

1. S Beam

s beam

Remember Android beam, a feature of Android ICS that uses NFC to quickly exchange files between two phones when held together? Samsung has brought the same technology for sharing files in S III, known as ‘S Beam’.

All that you’ve to do is to hold your Galaxy S III next to your friend’s phone (Galaxy S III too) and touch the screen. Sweet!

2. Wireless Charging

galaxy s iii - wireless charging kit

Rumors about this feature were flying since long and I was hoping that they turn out to be true. The Galaxy S III will be able to charge itself wirelessly out of the box for which they’ve also introduced a separate wireless charging kit.

Wireless charging is not a new thing and it was available in older phones such as Palm Pre and Touchpad, but still, it is nice to see the technology coming in newer phones. I’m sure Galaxy S III will lead to a much faster adoption of the technology in phones in the future.

3. Natural Interaction

designed for humans

Galaxy S III will be able to detect your eyes and recognize your eye movement while you use the phone. It will have a new ‘Smart Stay’ feature, which will detect if you’re looking at the screen, using the front camera, and increase the brightness for proper viewing and makes it dim when you’re looking away.

This is plain awesome considering the situations when the screen often goes dark after being idle for some time. But the Galaxy S III will detect when you’re looking back on the phone and bump up the brightness.

Sounds cool right?

4. Voice Unlock

Move aside Face Unlock, The S III features voice unlock which can even be personalized. For me, this is really a handy feature as I’m very fond of unlocking my phone without touching it. Voice Unlock will come to use at conditions where face unlock fails to work, such as in low light conditions.

5. Direct Call

direct call

Another very intuitive feature that you will see in S III is Direct Call. Hold the phone near your ears when you’re reading an SMS and Galax S3 will dial the sender of that message.

5. Smart Notifications


Missed a call or an SMS? Galaxy S III will vibrate and let you know of it when you pick it after a while.

7. Better Camera


The new camera boasts social integration and intelligent shooting enhancements. It’ll allow you to instantly share your photos with your friends on various social networks. The new camera app will be able to take photos in burst mode, a feature that was long available on third party apps for Android.


Then, there’s also a new ‘Best Photo’ mode which shoots eight consecutive photographs and highlights the best photograph.

8. S Voice – Voice Controls


S Voice is a voice command application, similar to that of Voice talk which was present in Galaxy S II, but it can respond to advanced commands. For launching an app, like the camera, all you got to do is say “I want to take a picture” and it’ll launch the camera. Say Cheese and it’ll take a photo.


Reminds of Siri anyone? Yeah, but hey you cannot call any voice command application to be an imitation of Siri just because Apple was the first to do it.

9. Face Recognition

face recognition

The Galaxy S III will also be able to detect people you’ve tagged in photos and if they’re linked to you own social networks, you’ll be able to directly call, message or email them.

10. Pop-up Play

pop up play

Multi-tasking in Android has always been amazing and Galaxy S III takes it to a new level. With Pop-up play, you will be able to play any movie in a small window on top of another application. For an example, you can both simultaneously browse the internet and watch a video.

11. Flipboard

samsung galaxy S III - flipboard app

Well this is not a feature but still is worth mentioning. The most popular social reader for iOS will now head to Android with Galaxy S III being the first exclusive phone to get the application. This news of release of Flipboard for Android was completely unexpected, I must say.

So, what’s your favorite feature in Galaxy S III? Will you be buying one?

(Image credits: Slashgear, TheVerge and FoneArena)

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    1. Saket - Post author

      Yeah it's not as magical as people had wanted it to be but still it's more beautiful than people think. Disappointment would be injustice to this phone IMO :)

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