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Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Options

March 12th, 2010 by

Free Cloud Storage

Cloud Computing is the new buzz of the Tech Industry. According to Wikipedia,

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like electricity.

I am sure many of the readers will be confused as to which of the site offers the best cloud storage. So here is a quick list of the best free cloud storage options:

1. Dropbox (Best Free Cloud Storage Option)


It is till date the best Free Cloud Storage option available. (Might change after Google Drive release) It has shell integration even on Linux, a great little iPhone app and web interface, as well as convenient Firefox and Google Chrome extensions. You get 2GB of Free Cloud Storage space — up to 3GB/ 10.25 GB 16 GB if you get people to sign up under your referral (500 MB per referral). You can even use it to watch a movie file on your iPhone — but the upload may take a while.
Features include:

  • Automatic Syncing of files online and across your computers automatically.
  • Share folders with several people to collaborate on the same files.
  • Access your files even if you have deleted them.
  • Shared folders are viewable only by people you invite and much more..!

2. SugarSync


This is the second best Free Cloud Storage option out there. It allows you to Sync files on multiple computers, you can also upload / sync via email. The major advantage being ability to backup any folder on your computer and real-time upload of changes. It also allows you to edit files through the web interface, comes in handy for simple edits. You can Share photo albums, Send files of any size and Stream music to web browser or your iPhone, BlackBerry and Android device. It offers 5 GB of Free Cloud Storage space.
It supports XP, Vista and 7,Mac OSX, Linux and you can download mobile apps to sync iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian devices to sync folders.


  • Sync files on multiple computers
  • Upload / Sync via email
  • Real-time upload of changes
  • Edit files via Web
  • Stream music

Visit – SugarSync

3. is the third best Free Cloud Storage option out there. It offers some great features and compatibility options (the latest Microsoft Office files, image and mp3 files, flash video, Photoshop and Illustrator and more). Their free plan only gives you 1GB of Free Cloud Storage (25mb filesize limit) and there’s no shell integration (great web interface though), but they integrate with Google and Zoho and have a decent mobile app for the iPhone.

Visit –

Also Check out –

4. Memopal


Memopal starts you off at 3GB Free Cloud Storage and works natively on most platforms (Linux is in beta). Shell integration is decent and if you want more storage, you can get 200GB for $50 bucks per year. I only mention the paid plan here because, well – that’s pretty frickin’ good!

Visit – Memopal [Sign up using this link to get additional 500MB]

Bonus for TechSplurge Readers:- Use the code SPLURGE15 and get 15% off on any Paid Plan

5. Windows Skydrive


SkyDrive is a Microsoft’s cloud storage offering.This is a great option if you have lots of small files to share. By small, I mean 50MB filesize max. By lots… I mean 25GB of Free Cloud Storage.There is no built in shell extension, but you can (on Windows, anyway) install SkyDrive Explorer to handle that. It works pretty well, and can apparently bypass the filesize limit with the pro version. Not the easiest for general (non-windows) mobile access though.

Visit – Windows Skydrive

Other Free Cloud Storage Options

Here are two services that just fell short of making it to the list of Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Options.

Google Docs

google docs

Google Docs recently added the ability to upload any type of file. Their upload filesize limit is 1GB and you get 1GB of storage for free. If you convert files to Google Docs formats the space they take up is significantly smaller — and the 1GB seems to be on top of regular Google Docs use thus far, and your Gmail and Picasa storage (7GB and 1GB, respectively) is separate as well.

With clients like GDocsDrive, you can upload files the easy way on Google Docs.

Google does have plans for purchase as well, if you need more, with a yearly pricing scheme (starting at just $0.25 per GB) that is comparable to Memopal’s. And if its Google, its trustworthy for sure. Also you can buy 20GB of storage for your entire Google Account at just 5$/year. Detailed pricing can be found here.

Visit – Google Docs

Amazon Cloud Drive

With 5GB of Free Cloud Storage space, Amazon’s very own cloud storage option, is a cheaper alternative, you can have a look at the detailed comparison of Dropbox vs. Amazon Cloud Drive. It is noteworthy to mention that songs purchased from Amazon Music store are saved directly to your Amazon Cloud Drive, moreover it doesn’t consume your storage limit. On the downside, It lacks some essential features and most importantly, a desktop client. You can’t always upload files via web interface, can you?

Hope this helps. 🙂 Let me know if you vary in opinion and have better Free Cloud Storage options to add to the list.

If you are using multiple cloud storage services, my post on 4 Ways to Manage All Cloud Services From One Place should help! 🙂

(107) Comments

  1. Jim

    I use Zumo Drive. it has 1GB free storage, and a shell extension for windows that behaves just like a normal folder explorer. Also a iPhone / iPad app so i can access my pics from the "cloud'. Awesome.

    1. Saket

      1TB? Then you would definitely have to buy a premium service from among these storage providers. By the way, yeah ADrive looks good by seeing its features. We will review it and if we found it useful, we will put it in this list. Thanks :)

      1. vemivan

        I tried ADrive, and slow upload is not the only problem. It overwrites the original creation date of documents with the date of the upload! For some documents that's unimportant, but for some others, the original date is crucial.

  2. Tracy

    I just tried Adrive yesterday ... Although it is 25GB storage for free, it takes WAY too long to upload to use anywhere near that. I need to upload 8GB and I cancelled the upload after more than an hour it had only uploaded 39 MB. (no I don't have a slow internet speed either). I'm now looking or other (free) alternatives.

    1. shaun

      its not your download its your upload speed so u can have 20mb internet but your upload will be like less than 10% of that an that the one big downside to cloud storage the internet upload speeds are rubbish

  3. Suneel

    I use ZumoDrive widely. Even though I use it to store just my blogging and office documents I presume it serves my need. If only we had good bandwidths then we can prefer higher storage limits to store many more bulky files.

  4. aasandoval

    I have used Adrive for almost a year. It is very good becuase you can use it almost the same way you use all folders in your pc. The upload is not that fast. But I want to tell you that I have many important files and I haven't been able to access them because when I try to log in, it redirects to another web page, a company that offers hosting for your web sites. They (Adrive) say they dont have any agreements with this company and suggest it is my pc. If you have a similar experience I hope you can mentione it.

  5. Uncle Bert

    It sounded good, but the Java controls are laggy, the upload selection controls are clunky, it would be great if it was a drag and drop app. I was looking for something to use for my GF, I am pretty good with apps, and getting a file from my machine to the A-Drive, then to the folder I wanted it in was a pain, and the easy slection drops it in a folder that was not even listed in my folders, then I could find no way to move it, so cancelled the account, was not even going to attempt to try and run a non tech through this. They need to put a few 10 year olds on that and see what happens. If a child casn't do it it needs tweaked.

  6. AL

    Looking for cloud computing site that is compatible and authorized to use on federal government computers (FGC). You can't use thumb drives or portable hard drives anymore on FGC due to restrictions and CDs don't meet my need to carry personal files between home and work., Googledocs, and dropbox do not work on FGC.

    1. Kunal - Post author

      Thanks for your suggestion, though the space offered is more(5GB), Amazon Cloud Drive is still very new, and lacks majority of the features. Currently there is no way to mount your Amazon Clude Drive to Windows 7 or Mac. Also mobile applications to access Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud APIs are still under development.

  7. Pablo

    I have tried to findh the Free service of without success. They seem to be offering only a Free Trial for their paid services. They advertise it as a "non-risk" because you can cancel within a 14 days period and your credit card would not be charged, but you have to provide your credit card number upfront. No way.

    1. Kunal - Post author

      You can get the free service for personal use via this link:- No credit card is required for this.The 14 days trial that you are talking about is for the business plan, which requires Credit Card.

  8. tim

    hey i9 just got a new account with cloud experience and it is great ( you get 10 GB free space and it is just like drobox you install a program on your computer and it monitors septate folders and one great thing is that files don't have to be in the older called dropbox. they can be in any folder anywhere on your computer

    1. Dr.Kunal - Post author

      Hello, Steve is right,its free; but only for individual use (which is applicable to a vast majority of us). Have a look:- Thanks

  9. Ben

    Thank you for this overview, but why does Sugarsync not make the list? I personally have been using them for a long time now and am more than happy. Not only are they cheaper than most of its competitors, they also offer by far the best product in the market today.

  10. Cheryl

    I lost a book file, 3 months of work, to "Mediamax" who went out of biz and never notified my they were doing so. It was HORRIBLE. CLOUD my a_ _ ! I need more assurance.

  11. Frank

    Well @Ben let's think about why SugarSync didn't make the list of 'Free Cloud Storage Options'. I wonder if perhaps it could be the fact that it's not free?

    1. Dr.Kunal - Post author

      Hello Frank, Sugarsync also offers 5GB free storage, visit this url:- I have been thinking of adding it to the list for a long time. May be its time I add it. Will be updating the list soon. Thanks

    1. Peter Gabor

      I am using Dropbox and was tempted to look for and register for at least 10GB of free storage. None of the listed Clouds is as flexible as Dropbox! Some will cause real slowdown on your PC (I tried IDrive which was quite a disaster on my XP) One of the main advantages of Dropbox is, that it creates a folder on your PC, You can create subfolders within this folder and use it just as any regular folder. Backing up and synching is done in the background of all the folders and files in the Dropbox folder. You can share any of the folders with another Dropbox user, you can even send links to non-dropboxers, etc. etc. In short, it has everything you could ask for! True, it is only 2GB free - but by referring it to others, you gan urn up to another 8GB of free storage!! So if you decide to check up on it (which I strongly advise) go ahead and install it on your PC's. You will do me a great favor if you use my referral code by downloading the program from this link: ---> This will also give both of us an extra 256Mbytes of free storage space!!!

        1. Peter Gabor

          Hi, Saket, - this is interesting, thanks. Maybe I'll have to redo my thinking. I seem to be a glutton for storage space and I thought it might be a good idea to increase it. The only problem is, that so far only Dropbox has been an answer to my dreams... Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I hate the"folders on the Desktop" concept. I love the Total Commander (much superior to the Explorer) - the Dropbox appears just as a regular subdirectory. You can move it around, put it on any HD, in short there is no need for managers or utilities of any kind. Dropbox just works in the background and is totally transparent.. All the best

  12. Terry

    We've been looking for a storage option that lets different committees manage their own documents, and provides some type of group security. We also want a shared calendar. Any ideas? Documents are not large, but we have about 20 users, some are not very tech savvy.

    1. Dr.Kunal - Post author

      Well, Most of the cloud storage options I have mentioned above will do the job for you. The easiest would be Google docs. But even with Dropbox & Sugarsync, you can have the document edited and uploaded in real time. I personally have tried dropbox with my team mates. What you need to do is create the documents in a folder which is to be synced with the folder in Cloud. Now the same folder will be synced with the other team mates. So all the documents will be synced immediately.(well almost, lag of 2-3secs) Now if you need to setup different documents for different committee, just create different folders for them, you are good to go! Let me know if you find this solution helpful!

  13. Philip

    I'd like to have free cloud folders for my small company to share documents. Very important for me is to be able to checkout a document by a team member, and other ppl will have view access only till checkout document is returned. Oh, it needs to be free. Any suggestions?

    1. Nick

      Yes Sugarsync is free. And yes you can get a nice amount of extra space through referrals etc. But anybody considering this one should google "Sugarsync reliabilty" or "Sugarsync complaints" or similar, before trusting anything important to it. I reluctantly gave up on it because there were some files it just refused to sync. 4Shared is also very attractive with 10Gb free space, but again, just way too many reliabilty issues. Although at least they reply to your messages and make some effort to help, unlike Sugarsync. Dropbox is great but I'm always looking for something else because it's so painfully slow. Maybe that's just the trade-off for reliabilty. I'm currently testing iDrive and Minus on my PC. Unfamilar interface with Minus, though it actually seems pretty good so far.

  14. Lisa

    I don't care about so-called free service, but Dropbox Team plan costs $795 for only 5 user licenses. Additional user license costs $125!! This is a complete ripoff. I can get a much better DriveHQ service for only $129.99/year, and additional user license is only $6/user/year. Ok, read it carefully: if you need multiple user accounts, then dropbox is 21 times more expensive than DriveHQ.

        1. cweems

          Give me a shout if you want to stream video files in your own personal cloud solution to devices like iOS, Android, Set top boxes etc. Working on an application to do that and we are looking for testers.

  15. J. Allen

    Sorry Stephen, I have to disagree with you about ADrive....I too was lured in by the 50gb offer, but in my opinion the interface is a real POS. Also, I've had multiple errors in the middle of uploading, resulting in a serious wasts of time.

  16. Scott

    The free sties with their file size restrictions and data limits make them useless to me. After comparing all the features and benefits of file storage sites there is one head and shoulders clear winner: Carbonite Unlimited storage, unlimited files size and automaticly backs up all your computers and syncs them. Apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc. Cost $59/year but there are lots of discount coupons available that bring it down to around $50. My guru reccomended Carbonite to me and I wasted a day researching the alternatives, duh!

  17. Chris

    Has anyone heard of Spideroak? I'm using this to sync docs between my MAC and my iPad and it looks really good. Unlike some of the other free services its fully encrypted as well

  18. Chris

    Mike DropBox has a major downside, your password is known to their admin staff and with that they can view your data. DropBox have also had several attacks against them where this information has been compromised. Spideroak is a service where your password isn't stored and the data is fully encrypted so all that an admin can see is gibberish. I've pasted two links below which show some issues with DropBox, OK, they will have been fixed by now but the underlying problem is still there - your password is available to others.

  19. RealZeratul

    I recommend SugarSync because it provides more free space than most other services, it allows synchronization of multiple folders and supports all big desktop and mobile operating systems.

  20. Jason

    Check out cross platform, amazing, personal cloud without sharing any personal info with third person sites. Its able to use on your cell, tablets, and desktop/laptop. Worth a look.

  21. Emmanuel

    Hi, Great article. I have been looking for a Dropbox / SugarSync like cloud solution for business account (200 GB, 40 users) for some time. I have used both and love them both. But the ONE feature I can't seem to find is user notification if the file is already open by someone else. Seems that wouldn't be so hard to do. Even if it was just for MS Office files (word, excel, etc) it would be huge step in the right direction. Then the cloud could in essence act as a virtual network. Any one have any ideas?

    1. Dave

      If you use Dropbox and Growl, they will give you notifications for all incoming Dropbox changes. Very useful if you have multiple shared folders (with different people). Excellent if you use Dropbox as a secure email service. Works brilliantly on the Mac; pretty sure it works on the PC too.

  22. fagenorn

    try this unlimited file uloading for free + file sharing but the sad thing is that with the free acount after 90 days your files are deleted exept for your photos

  23. Goyo

    Cloud Free Space 4Shared 10 GB Adrive 50 GB Alwaysync ??? Amazon S3 5 GB Asus Webstorage 2 GB BackpackOnline n/a BBOX ??? 5 GB CloudApp 250 MB (cloud experience) 10 GB DivShare 20 GB DropBox 2 GB Elephant Drive 2 GB FileSocial File Sharing with Twitter Flickr 300 MB Flip Drive 5 GB Github ??? GmailDrive unk GoAruna 2 GB Goodsync 100 files GroupDocs unkn Gygan ? iCloud 5 GB iDrive 5 GB Iqbox ??? JottaBackup 5 GB Jungle Disk none MemoPal 3 GB Minus 10 GB MiMedia 3 GB MobleMe iDisk app for icloud Mozy 2 GB MyPCBackup none Offsite Box 1 GB online storage solution none OpenDrive 5 GB Pogoplug 5-unl PowerFolder 1 GB - unl SafeCopy 3 GB SDExplorer 25 GB (skydrive) SharedSafe ??? SkyDrive 25 GB SkyDrive - Viewer (WebDAV) 25 GB (skydrive) SpiderOak 2 GB Storegate 1 GB SugarSync 5 GB Syncany NOT YET Syncplicity 2 GB TeamDrive 2 GB Ubuntu One 5 GB WindowsLiveMesh 5 GB Wuala 2 GB ZumoDrive 2 GB Gmail+GoogleDocs+Picasa 9 GB

  24. Max

    There is also the software that I am currently using;Zoolz, they give 4 GB FREE and it makes sharing files easy not like the other softwares. I recommend checking it:

  25. Peter Gabor

    Hi All, I think we should start some kind of pooling of information. I have installed three Cloud Systems: Dropbox, Sugarsync and Zoolz (Thank you, Tom, for the pointer). I am trying to prepare a comparison chart (in Excel) that has explanations on each point (and not only the dots used whenever a supplier offers a comparison chart). So far I have included syncing method, sharing, links, etc. You can download the file at Please let me know, if you have any additions, remarks etc. so I can include it. If you have experience with another Cloud service, please add it to the Excel sheet and email me the sheet so I can update the original. I can be reached at [email protected] Peter

  26. gps dinh vi

    I like SugarSync but difficultly in edit file in my ipad. When i edited my files, it can not sync back to cloud. is another choice, but can not install on desktop computer :(

  27. Jean De Marco

    I think it's wonderful with all these different cloud storage services! Some are good, and some are outright ridicilous - I've used services that were slow or unreliable, and that would lose your files almost on a regular basis. I therefore thank you for this comparison, as it makes it easier to choose the best cloud service(s) for storing my files :) I would like to come with a little update though - Google Docs is now called Google Drive, and has turned in to a fully flexed alternative for Dropbox and similar services. They offer you a 5 GB of storage for free. I still use Dropbox to share work-related documents with some colleagues who are yet to change over - but more and more are seeing the benefits of online document-editing, and practically unlimited space. (Comment has been Moderated)

  28. Mabel

    Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading? I'm trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it's the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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