Download Mac OS X Mountain Lion Theme for Windows 7

There are a lot of Mac OS X skin packs for Windows, better ones keep coming almost every other day. However rarely we find a theme that comes so close mimicking the OS X experience on the Desktop.

While we had covered the awesome Mac OSX skin pack, the new Mountain Lion skin pack created by Hamed again, is the closest and the most authentic Mac OS X experience you can ever have on your Windows PC. This theme has a whole lot of eye candy features and dozens of useful utilities which let you customize your desktop to your heart’s content, to mimic the Mac OSX.

mountain lion skin pack

The theme works on Windows 7 and Windows 7 SP1 only and needs .NET 4.0 Framework

Download Mac OS X Mountain Lion Theme for Windows 7

Download: Mountain Lion Skin pack for Windows — [32 bit] | [64 bit] (45 MB) 

(creditsto Hamed for this skin pack.)

Stuff Inside

The theme is a complete compilation of all the utilities you will ever need, to get the closest Mac OS X experience on your Windows PC. This theme prominently contains among other numerous utilities

  • Lion Window style, with Glass, and Dark alternatives
  • Rocket Dock with OSX like stacks
  • Switcher : For expose like effect on Windows
  • VirtualWin : now you can have multiple desktops on your Windows desktop!
  • XWidget : For Mac like widgets on your desktop
  • Mac OSX boot  and login screen
  • FinderBar : For explorer Global Menu Bar
  • XLaunchpad : a Mac OS X Launchpad implementation on Windows, although I recommend WinLaunch as I found it better.
  • Mac OSX Mountain Lion icons , logo and wallpaper


Make sure you uninstall any earlier theme you have in use, and restore the original Windows theme for the best performance.

The installation is very straightforward, although I recommend to select the custom installation to avoid the installation of the annoying toolbar.

mountain lion skin pack install

Also please make a note to NOT select the boot screen and login screen during installation, to insure minimal fuss.

mountain lion skin pack install guide

Exploring the theme

The theme at 45 MB is pretty huge, and contains lots of tiny utilities, which I am sure you will spend a lot of time customizing. Hamed has done an excellent job in this theme pack and you can go on to the extent of recreating Expose, Spaces and Launchpad functionality of OSX in Windows.

However as a downside, you need to tinker for a fair amount of time with these utilities to get the effects working according to your taste. Although I found the theme slightly bloated, the amount of polish, the grandeur and the amount of tweaks you can do with the bundled set of utilities more than offsets it. You can always handpick the components you want to install. The theme was checked for viruses and does not consume too much CPU or RAM as a bonus.

Expose using Switcher

mac osx expose for windows

Virtual Desktops using Virtualwin

mac osx spaces windows

mountain lion skin pack explorer

mountain lion about windows


If you are bored with the theme for whatever reasons and want your original Windows theme back, you need to follow these steps carefully.

In the Skin Pack Menu look for Uninstall Pack.

During uninstallation, make sure you check all the items to uninstall otherwise you will be left with some jarring elements on your desktop.

mountain lion uninstall

You may want to check out other cool themes like the Metro Theme for Windows 7, Android ICS theme for Windows were made by the same author. Enjoy dressing your desktop Smile